ATLAS KITCHEN: The Atlas of Chinese Cuisine

Who doesn't have a classic Chinese takeaway night? With Atlas Kitchen, found at 258 West 109th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam, you might choose to dine in so you can spend time in the wonderful, bright space with artistic ambience while enjoying your favorite dishes.

Atlas Kitchen collaborated with artist Qiu Anxiong to create the current space on your own. Made up of a comforting and contemporary aura in your mind, the restaurant boasts a copper map of mountains and seas on a wall. The non-public diner is stuffed with sea blue murals that act as a backdrop towards the gray seating, reinforcing the contrast along with the cultural meaning.

Unique design is not the only feature that distinguishes Atlas Kitchen using their company Chinese restaurants in Manhattan. China is one huge, melting pot with centuries of culinary history and influences. The country didn't open up until the 1980s, now it shares authentic Chinese food with the rest around the globe. In lots of eateries throughout the U.S., the dishes are often Americanized, and that's what makes Atlas Kitchen special – authenticity of cuisine. Seasoned with a 20-plus-year experience and acknowledged as a first tier chef in his home country, Kaiyuan Li challenges the very notion of food Americanization by providing customers having a unquiely Chinese dining adventure. However, you may still find Americanized options on recption menus, making the restaurant a far more inclusive space for all sorts of foodies.

To truly indulge in the colorful palette of authentic flavor profiles, we recommend you start with deliciously crunchy chicken feet with two various spices, soft-shelled turtle with safflower or sautéed eggplant-a customer favorite. The combination of eggplant and egg yolk results in a flawless heavenly flavor that subsides only hours later. Then, proceed either with sauteed chicken with ginger, which is simply divine, or choose any sea option, prepared with fres h ingredients from local markets. For individuals who crave spicy food, Atlas Kitchen will definitely enhance their dining experience with white radish lamb and spicy pork feet. For dessert, sample gourmet Italian gelato. The dessert offers an unconventional mixture of earl grey and lychee flavors. Worth mentioning, Atlas serves warm lemonade water, which constitutes a fundamental element of many Chinese people's eating routine.

The ultimate place for authentic Hunan (along with other dishes from across 7 regions) cuisine, Atlas Kitchen strives to present the Chinese dining experience in a brand new, high-end light. Atlas Kitchen is a must-visit, must-see, and must-overeat place for oriental tasty food.

258 W 109th St.

New York, NY 10025


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