WORLD OF MCINTOSH TOWNHOUSE: An evening meal Series Which Never Sounded So Good

Want to have dinner where Heidi Klum and Seal used to call home? The exclusive dinner series at McIntosh Townhouse let's you do just that, because the supermodel and singer's former pad turned sound space is the ultimate destination to sip and swoon! These social gathering partnerships locked in the McIntosh's five-story 12,000 sq . ft . townhouse sound incredible – literally – because McIntosh is known for their unparalleled sound systems. After all, McIntosh Group continues to be the creator of top end audio systems and industry trailblazers for 70 years. They're even behind some of the most iconic moments in music history, such as the inaugural Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 followed by the complete manufacture of the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound tour in 1974.

When you step into the field of McIntosh Townhouse, that is located behind a discreet door in Soho, you never know who, or what you are able find! The décor for every dining event at this audio centric space is just as unique because the playlist – where else you'll be able to experience first class food while enjoying a DJ spinning beats within an ultra trendy space which served as a backdrop for season 2 of Mr. Robot and music videos for John Mayer and Beyonce? With fun and eclectic items throughout, including a furniture piece in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this place goes to a different plateau – a really sexy and intriguing plateau. The World of McIntosh team offers exclusive artist performances, tasting menus with cocktail pairings, synchronized swimmers performing within their indoor pool, a rooftop terrace or even a post-dinner listening room experience.

The dinner series in this luxury townhouse delivers a sound, visual and culinary feast like you haven't seen or heard before. Each dining event is adopted a few notches, or rather decibels, using their ultimate audio experience, so that you can enjoy your meal with music blaring out of world class speakers. In the end, Realm of McIntosh is really a one of a kind space which serves the world's most globally renowned companies and industry titans with a one of a kind experience. Before becoming a celebrity home – James Franco also lived in the space – your building, which features high ceilings, an inside pool with exposed brick walls along with a whimsical rooftop, isn't your average space! The commercial chic townhouse was originally an energy hub substation in the 1920s, powering the low Manhattan position for over 50 years prior to being converted into a warehouse that served being an art gallery for that artist community that dominated SoHo within the '80s and '90s. The building evolved once again whenever a filmmaker purchased the property and had it changed into a unique high-end residence. In 2020 the McIntosh Group took control of and created the Realm of McIntosh, and you are sure to feel like you've entered another world whenever you enter their world!

The immersive space showcases their state-of-the art McIntosh brand products including Sonus faber, Sumiko and Pro-ject Audio Systems, and has multiple private listening areas all in beautifully-designed spaces where they intertwine audio, art, design and food – you've never seen, or especially heard anything like this before.

Their newest partnership happened with Tokyo Record Bar once they held a luxe listening and dining experience on Thursday, February 21st . The underground listening room of Tokyo Record Bar found life around the world's best sound systems as guests decided on a tune from the vinyl playlist, just like within the restaurant! Guests were able to drink their champagne while feeling ready do dance to the music in this intimate dining experience which was curated entirely through the team from Tokyo Record Bar, featuring their signature 7-course menu, plus a champagne bar or even a sake sommelier on site! The team prepared each course within the McIntosh kitchen, meaning they were cooking in the same spot where Heidi (or her chef) made meals fit for a model.

The space was changed into what felt like a Hollywood wedding having a canopy of pink flowers for that intimate dinner which featured music pumping without anyone's knowledge from the system costing on the quarter of the million dollars – an event which heightens each and every sense. Guests even took home their very own vinyl record as a memento, though it might not sound the same without McIntosh equipment!

Since opening their doors in 2020, Tokyo Record Bar has been known for his or her dedication to quality and dependence on music, food and booze, making their partnership with McIntosh a perfect match. To continue their relationship, the whole restaurant will feature the finest audio gear when the two brands get together, turning Tokyo Record Bar right into a year-round extension of the World of McIntosh Townhouse Experience.

While they play host to fashion events, photo shoots and music video filming, this private dinner series is the best way for McIntosh to partner with brands and restaurants which fit their vision and allow them to use their sound systems as a way to elevate every single sense – as well as make you realize brand new ones.

214 Lafayette St.

New York, NY 10012


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