IL BORRO: “Divine Wine” by Ferruccio and Salvatore Ferragamo

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Once upon a period, there is a land with superior views, where fine wine flowed like water and nature was boasting with unthinkable colors. Many embarked on the mission to find a long-forgotten site, the foundation of preeminent wine tasting. Those few who succeeded, hesitant to reveal the location, kept the Holy Grail of hedonism on their own. But we chose to put the kibosh on secrecy and unveil the sacred spot for you. At the foot of the Pratomagno Mountains, on Valdarno Hills, rests the vineyard of Ferruccio Ferragamo and his family, where you can go through the miracle from the birth of fine wines.

Take a tour of the Il Borro cellar. Marked by centuries and encompassed by Tuscanian nature, the cellar is at the center from the Ferragamo estate. Here, within the ancient structure buried underground level, within the oldest cellars in Italy, the first ever Chianti wine was produced. Since that time to the current day, the enchantment of wine-making continues to prosper. In your voyage to the origins of Tuscan wine combined with experts, you will be able to understand not just stages of turning grapes into world-class wines but also vats, barrels and barriques that make production possible. The tour concludes with wine sampling, where you can savor hundreds of years of history.

The Ferragamo family, the owners of Il Borro, produce and sell astonishing biological wine for a reason. Located in a distinctive corner of Tuscany with fertile land, precious terroir as well as an ideal climate with mild winters, the vineyards were prophesied to blossom with grapes which make a distinctive and original wine. Growing side by side, indigenous Sangiovese and people of Tuscan tradition, for example Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, give birth towards the product of harmony between nature and human endeavor.

The wine that deserves special recognition is “Il Borro” IGT Toscana, a mix made with 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah. This wine includes a clear ruby color, with a purplish finish. The bouquet of flavors is rich and intense, concentrated, with notes of underbrush and with spicy scents. The flavour is dry, with a decent body and soft tannins, a great consistency, well integrated and chronic. “Il Borro” wine pairs perfectly with hare, wild boar, Chianina and Cinta senese meat, with some Asiatic dishes and even hamburgers.

The fusion of the fabulous cellar, the picturesque vineyard and also the diligent teamwork spawns high-quality goods that you should sample and revel in within the meal. Don't give them a call producers, simply winelovers.

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