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Cognac is really a major staple within the culture of spirits. Originating back in the 16th century, from French connoisseurs all the way to the top hip-hop artists, cognac won't ever walk out style. One of cognac's finest, D'USS'E, is a new bold expression that dares the palate like never before.

Born within the cellars from the Chateau de Cognac – a home having a 200-year legacy of creating some of the world's finest Cognacs – D'USS'E VSOP is the perfectly balanced mixture of selected Cognacs aged at least 4 1/2 years in French oak barrels in the Chateau's unique dry and humid cellars. These natural aging environments really are a main factor in delivering the distinctive bold, full-bodied and pleasantly smooth taste of D'USS'E. The humid cellars give D'USS'E its distinguished smoothness and roundness, as the dry cellars deliver intense aromas and spicy and woody notes.

On the nose, D'USS'E VSOP begins with a bouquet of powerful aromas rich in woody notes that are then backed by touches of cinnamon and floral notes. Around the palate, D'USS'E VSOP gives a pleasantly intense “bite”, with hints of spices, almond and cinnamon. Then, unexpectedly, a distinctively smooth finish gets control, delivering subtle accents of honey and dried fruits.

With rich flavor notes of ripe blackberry and apricot, layered with hints of dark chocolate and walnut, D'USS'E XO is within a lane of its own. Around the rocks or straight up, D'USS'E XO is renowned for its unparalleled aromas and sophisticated taste.

Being a distinctive spirit and a cultural icon, D'USS'E XO has garnered the benefit of esteemed tastemakers worldwide. D'USS'E XO is really a masterful blend through the world's most senior Ma^itre de Chai, Michel Casavecchia. At a royal castle that dates back to the tenth century, the Chateau can also be the place to find some long-established cognacs, but why is D'USS'E so not the same as your competition is its versatility.

The exceptional style of both the D'USS'E VSOP and XO Cognac bottles is inspired through the liquid it has. It is classic, modern along with a statement wherever it rests. Embodying luxury, sophistication and taste, D'USS'E is crafted to ensure the utmost complexity and depth. The bottle has heritage-minded origins that cognac enthusiasts and new supporters of the trademark would enjoy. Around the bottle, a visceral representation of the source known simply by the double-barred cross, Le Croix de Lorraine (The Cross of Lorraine). This crest historically signifies French patriotism and the Free French Forces during World War II. This cross particularly conveys a style of “courage, honor, and perseverance”-a fitting trifecta because of the story behind the liquid.

The finest of cognacs come with time. There must be time for you to age the eau-de-vie of sufficient length to attain complexity, and also time to allow them to mature together when the final blend is made. D'USS'E's goal with its Cognac would be to deliver rich flavor culminating in an exceptionally balanced finish. Made from meticulously hand-selected eau-de-vie, D'USS'E has earned its place because the pinnacle from the ultra-premium spirits category.

Prices vary depending on the region, but D'USS'E VSOP is valued between $49.99 – $54.99 and D'USS'E XO is $199 – $229.

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