Looking for a sparkling rosé wine made from the very best grapes for a sophisticated ad dition to your table or party? VOLAGE AOP Crémant de Loire Rosé is the perfect rosé for you! Founder Francois-Xavier Chaillou, an old executive at high-end luxury wine producers including Veuve Clicquot and Vintus, has achieved his initial pursuit to provide you with the most affordable and high-quality sparkling rosé produced in the same way as the most well-known Champagne.

Four years back, after having a difficult time getting a good glass of rosé Champagne that wasn't astronomically priced in New York City restaurants, Chaillou set his sights on the Loire Valley. The location is comparable in latitude towards the Champagne region and has an extended good reputation for producing both quality sparkling wine and benchmark Cabernet Franc grapes, that they considers well suited for rosé. He collaborated with Loire specialist Chris Hardy of Charles Sydney Wines, Ltd., a renowned wine export broker, and tasted over 70 different wines from big and small producers. He eventually discovered Domaine du Landreau in Val du Layon, a commune within the Maine-et-Loire a part of western France.

It is due to the vineyard's unique soil, climate and expressive grape variety that Chaillou could create a cutting-edge “grower Crémant.” Chaillou created his first wine with winemaker Elodie Battais and consultant extraordinaire Patrick Leon using hand-harvested grapes at peak maturity. The wine is created within the méthode traditionnelle, like Champagne, in which the second fermentation is achieved directly within the bottle. The functional difference with VOLAGE is that it is aged for three years in the bottle (whereas the law in the Loire Valley requires only nine months). Coincidentally, this is the same period of time that the vintage Champagne requires.

“If you need to make a sparkling wine in the degree of Champagne, you have to invest the correct techniques in it to be able to take it to that next stage. For VOLAGE, which means using higher quality grapes from the well-established vines of merely one vineyard, a long second fermentation and low sugar level,” he explained.

VOLAGE, a perfect accessory for your summer days-or nights-doesn't cash added sugar, only 3 grams of dosage per liter, so that you can benefit from the wine and better keep your beach body all summer long.

VOLAGE satisfies both in substance and style, having a sophisticated bottle similar to a skill nouveau perfume bottle. The name VOLAGE, which comes from the saying about birds flying from their cage, along with being a symbol of the suffragettes in France, is about the idea of freedom. You can also feel free this season when you fill up your glass with VOLAGE, the best-looking and best-tasting bottle of sparkling rosé around!

For more information about VOLAGE, contact French American Brand at and follow them on Instagram @volagesparklingrose.

VOLAGE is available at or by calling 212-355-0940 with delivery available in Manhattan.

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