HUNAN SLURP: Modern Hunanese for New York

Located in the East Village, Hunan Slurp is really a contemporary Chinese eatery that beautifully combines art and cuisine. Owner and Chef Chao Wang, who had been an oil painter for Twenty five years, has added food and cooking to his artistic palette and it is creating authentic culinary masterpieces inspired by his hometown Hengyang, within the Hunan Province of China. The traditional and comforting flavors that Chef Wang creates are inspired by his grandmother's cooking, easing his homesickness, as well as transporting diners to his hometown in China.

Hunan Slurp has a simple, modern and clean-cut design. Its walls, embossed with pale wood slats spanning from the floor to the ceiling, are meant to resemble noodles and the dining area, containing communal tables, creates an inviting atmosphere that pulls patrons directly into sample cuisine that reflects the everyday flavors and humble cuisine of Hunan Province. Hunan Slurp does not adapt its food to Western interpretations of Chinese food; it serves only the authentic flavors of Hunan Province, whether it is a rice noodle dish a treadmill of the hot plates, for example Whole Fish with Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce or Ribs in Black Bean Sauce. Heavy sauces are unheard of here. Hunan Slurp uses only fresh things that complement one another and plates its dishes in a way that allows diners to mix the ingredients in almost any combination, amount and order they please. Chef Wang “aims to provide Chinese grassroots' everyday meals in an artistic way, while keeping the flavors true to the region's humblest dishes.”

Despite exactly what the name, Hunan Slurp, may suggest, this Chinese restaurant is not just a noodle shop; it also serves flavorful cold and hot plates, for example Hunan Salad, made with Grilled Pepper and Eggplant, preserved Duck Egg, Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil Dressing or the Fish Fillet, which is simmered with Chinese Sauerkraut, Enoki Mushrooms and Glass Noodles. Such dishes play an integral part around the menu. Its artful dishes will require diners', tastebuds on a culinary journey that begins with aroma and is accompanied by layers of intense flavors that slowly build, causing you to yearn for another bite.

This East Village gem, located at 112 1st Avenue, has opening hours from 12 PM to three PM and 5 PM to 10 PM Tuesday through Sunday, serving both lunch and dinner. Customers may either walk in or make a reservation; in addition to its regular hours, Hunan Slurp provides a takeout option too.

112 1st Ave.

New York, NY 10009


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