Summer is really a time for traveling, rooftop parties, boating, and most importantly beating heat having a cold, crisp, delicious glass of rosé or a soothing glass of red. There were, some time ago, people who worshipped wine and believed that it possessed restorative powers. And indeed rosé and reds, compared to white wine, contain resveratrol, a beneficial antioxidant that comes in the skin from the grape. So what better method to refresh on a sweltering summer day compared to a glass of something that soothes body and soul.

Elio Filippino, which is celebrating their 50th anniversary, is a winery located in the charming village of Neive, Italy. Today Domenico Elio Filippino, a third-generation winemaker, continues his family's tradition of remarkable winemaking with focus on detail, and a dedication to respecting the environment. The winery embraces tradition, by adopting an all natural winemaking procedure that excludes chemical fertilizers and herbicides. The vineyard's grass is cut by hand, and just natural bovine or equine fertilizers are utilized.

The winery produces a delicious sparkling rose, Spumante Brut Metado Classico “San Cristoforo Rosé.” The wine has a rich and intense bouquet, it is fruity and bold, having a sequence of sweet and sour notes. It's made from 100% of the Nebbiolo grape, which perfectly leads to this kind of wine.

1000 Stories is a unique winemaker. When the vineyard started, wine barrels weren't widely available and American oak barrels were used for whiskey, not wine. However, they still needed barrels to age their wine, so they purchased, and neutralized, used bourbon barrels. Today, rather than neutralizing the initial nuances of the bourbon barrels, 1000 Stories uses these to boost the complexity of their wine, and also the result's positively unique. The winery requires a small-lot approach, along with insightful sourcing and careful management within the cellar, and elicits the polished character, layered flavors, and elegantly bold nature 1000 Stories has been known for.

1000 Stories “Batch Blue” Carignan 2020 is really a special, limited release of their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Carignan.This wine is produced from the vineyard's only grape of choice, Zinfandel, a signature red fruit with defined spice notes. This red wine continues to be described as “classic and rustic after some edge.” Search for notes of brilliantly racy black and red fruits set to some rich backdrop of toast, herbs, and cocoa.

Croatian Whites and Roses

The country of Croatia is situated just over the Adriatic Sea from Italy. This lends the nation a perfect climate that is excellent for making wine and essential olive oil. However, Croatia has many indigenous grape varieties that are not very well-known internationally. This may be because of the fact the names of those grapes are often very complicated to pronounce. Examples of Croatian grape varietals are Rukatac, Krizol, Visana, Malvasia del Chianti, and Plavac Mali. Not easy to say, right?

Plavac Mali may be the primary red wine of Croatia and grows mostly across the Dalmatian coast. It is a extremely effective, robust dark wine that's full of taste and in alcohol and tannins. Plavac Mali also offers a lesser acidity level, and it has notes of blackberry, dark cherry, pepper, carob, dry figs, and spice. Try a bottle associated with a Plavac Mali and you will surely be satisfied.

Ch^ateau Miraval is really a ch^ateau and vineyard located in the village of Correns, just north of Brignoles, and is owned by Mr brad pitt and Julia roberts. It is really an award-winning vineyard that produces a few of the finest rosé wine produced in C^otes de Provence. The Chateau Miraval Cotes de Provence Rosé has a delicate light pink color, fantastic bouquet with exquisite aromas of strawberries, and fine floral notes. The mouth is complex, and this rosé is perfect for a picnic or perhaps a garden party.

So pop open a bottle, take a sip, and revel in!

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