Luxury North Pole Hotel to Open for just one Month Only

The igloos will be positioned in the North Pole in April 2020 /(c)Luxury Action

The igloos will be positioned at the North Pole in April 2020 / (c)Luxury Action

Visiting the North Pole used to be the pinnacle of polar exploration with simply the most experienced and committed adventurers able to reaching it. Now, a person with deep enough pockets can spend an appropriate night within this extraordinarily hostile location.

In April 2020, a unique hotel will open in the northernmost place in the planet for just one month. The North Pole Igloos will contain 10 state-of-the-art domes that will allow guests in which to stay this frozen world underneath the northern lights.

Due to fluctuations in sea ice, the North Pole is inaccessible for many of the season but conditions are stable enough in April to allow helicopters to land. Around 1,000 people go to the North Pole each year and many for scientific purposes. But there are no permanent structures so they all have to make use basic accommodations that are subjected to the sun and rain.

That will not be the case for those staying in its northern border Pole Igloos, which have been tested in extreme weather and are available with heating and bathrooms. They'll also have glass ceilings and walls so guests can marvel at the frozen lands and skies above.

The igloos, which is located on a glacier but are designed to be moved in case of extreme weather, happen to be developed by Luxury Action, a local travel agent specializing in high-end travel experiences within the Arctic regions.

None of this comes cheap, obviously. A three-night adventure costs approximately $105,000 and only one of those nights is going to be spent in the igloos. Another two nights are put in Svalbard, one of the most northerly populated lands before the extreme north begins.

From there, guests will be flown towards the igloos via helicopter to a North Pole ice camp prior to being come to the glacier where the igloos is going to be positioned. There is also a choice to increase the visit to staying at Hotel Octola, a five-star lodge in Finland's majestic Lapland, where guests can learn the Finnish's secrets to thriving within the Arctic.

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