The Rubens at The Palace Launches Priciest Tea

The Rubens in the Palace has taken inspiration from the regal position next to the home of the royal family by introducing the United Kingdom’s most expensive tea.

Situated across the road from Buckingham Palace, the posh London hotel already offers guests the opportunity to experience life as a royal with their Royal Afternoon Tea, served in a room that overlooks The Royal Mews.

Now, in collaboration with specialist tea merchants PMD Tea, The Rubens in the Palace have introduced Ceylon Golden Tips – an ultra-rare tea blend manufactured in the highlands of Sri Lanka – to its menu. A pot is priced at lb500 ($625), which the hotel claims is easily the most expensive in the country.

Ceylon Golden Tips holds popular status among tea merchants and it has past high costs working in london. It first arrived in the city in 1891 and sold for that same as $1,580 per pound.

The high prices are right down to the complexness from the production process. The tips should be hand-plucked at exactly the right moment. They are then carefully placed on a velvet cloth and left to dry. The silver tips slowly use gold to provide this exclusive variety its name.

All hard work will go down the sink, however, if the buds are not properly infused. That is why your accommodation is giving the tea just as much care and attention as it does to any one of its guests.

A white glove serviceman accumulates the tea using golden tweezers and weighs it to precision. It is infused using still natural mineral water and poured from the special silver tea set. Guests are encouraged to drink the tea before eating sandwiches and cakes to be able to experience its depth of flavor with a clear palate.

According to the hotel’s tea experts, The Rubens Golden Tips Tea has a smooth, light, mellow texture with hints of fruity notes. The leaves could be infused as much as 3 times, with the flavor profile changing each time.

The Royal Afternoon Tea is priced at lb45 ($57) and is served daily from midday- -5 pm. The Rubens Golden Tips Tea is priced at one more lb500 per pot.

For more details concerning the Rubens Golden Tips Tea blend and the hotel's Royal Afternoon Tea, check out:

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