Why you need to Never Listen To The Voice Inside Your Head

This poem is supposed to symbolize an individual struggle to love yourself and become kind to yourself. It's meant to explain the approach we take to see ourselves is of fundamental importance when it comes to our happiness. My hope is the fact that visitors reminded that self-love is an essential component for wellbeing, and that you are the only individual who can alter your outlook on yourself.

“You aren't smart enough.”
“You aren't pretty enough.”
She lets you know again and again and

“You need harder to be better.”
“You don't compare well to the rest.”

Her words ring in your ears
while you cover these to silence the noise.

It doesn't matter anyway because
she is everywhere.

“Give up.”
“You aren't worth it.”
Why won't she just go away?

Your mind shuffles to locate an answer,
but does not transmit.
She follows you everywhere,
ready and armed to strip you down.
Her words start to feel like bullets,
destroying increasingly more individuals each day.

Why won't she leave me alone, you wonder.
You attempt to cover your fear,
her words keep knocking relentlessly,
and she or he somehow is definitely here.
Alone in your room,
she still stalks you with self-doubt but

when you look around and realize the room
is empty aside from yourself.

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