6 Reasons I Finally Chose to Allow you to All Go

One of my biggest flaws which i dislike the most about myself is my tendency to mentally and emotionally hold on to people who've already left or examined from the picture – friends and significant others alike. Something deep inside me truly believes that individuals aren't as horrible as they actually are therefore i have a lot of shit from people correctly.

But the truth is, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of letting people walk all over me. I'm fed up with keeping those who release quite a long time ago, and i am tired of keeping those who only held on for so long because they know they'll need something from me later.

Today, I'm making a change. I'm doing something about it – I'm letting everyone go and this is why:

I'm letting you go because I deserve better. I should be treated decently just like a human being rather than something add in the garbage. I enjoying people in my life who won't behave like it's this type of chore to see me.

I'm allowing you to go because I have found individuals who appreciate me more than you could. I've found individuals who initiate conversations and ask me to do things with them, and it is not always the other way round. They create me feel appreciated and that's something Irrrve never got from the individuals.

I'm letting you go because you can't see my worth. You cannot spare the time to understand me so I'm helping you save the already no work you put in and allowing you to go. I'm not sure if you'll ever realize my worth, but it's none of my business if you do or not. It isn't worth anymore of my energy to discover. It doesn't matter to me what you think anymore, because I'm letting you go. I can hope that one day you'll realize how badly you screwed up.

I'm allowing you to go because you see no problem using the way you treat people. For you, there is no problem with how you treat me – or anyone else, for instance. You're okay with pushing people around and taking advantage of them. I can hope that certain day you'll understand that how you behave are not okay which you'll be able to be responsible on your own.

I'm letting you go because I don't need people in my life who are hypocritical. I don't need individuals who will talk about me behind my back and get it done to others as well. I want honest people in my life that I can trust and somebody that can trust me.

I'm allowing you to go because I deserve people in my entire life who actually care about me. I deserve someone who will text me to inquire about me how my day was or who will occasionally sign in beside me to see how I'm doing. I do not need individuals who will only touch base once they need something from me. I deserve better than that. Honestly, I deserve better than you.

I shouldn't need to request this from anyone, but I am because I've made the choice my entire life to place up with their bullshit. Starting today, it's over. I'm ending some friendships and I'm ending some relationships. It's time which i let you go. It's the perfect time that I surround myself with people who are able to meet those expectations to be a good human being along with a close friend. Is certainly not what we all deserve? To simply let go.

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