Towards the Coworkers Who Have Become My Family

I seem like the things they say about your coworkers is the same as to what they are saying regarding your family. You can't pick them. You might not like them sometimes, however, you know that you're tied to them, so you may too deal with them the very best you can. But, I must say, I acquired pretty lucky with mine.

When I first applied for my current job, my father worked there as well. He's the reason why I (hesitantly) applied.

I'm sure my coworkers are looking over this and thinking “What, Em?” and I promise that i'm being honest. I did not wish to work at this task. There was something about this that wasn't attractive to me. Maybe it had to do with the truth that I'd be working with my father or the fact that I would discover that it wasn't for me, which meant I’d possess a reality check. I thought I'd must find a new job path eventually. But luckily, I found myself on my initial day of the job loving each and every second from it, and it struck me, that this is how I want to be, this is when I have to be. And it had to perform a lot with all the wonderful (and pretty wacky) people I work with.

Since then, I’ve known my coworkers as people I'm able to rely on to create my day better.

I could be getting the worst day of my entire life at work, and I'll see someone shoot a bright smile at me instantly which makes it better. Sometimes with individuals who'd stop what they're doing and go the extra mile for me. These are probably the most amazing people That i have ever met! However i didn't really realize just HOW amazing this type of person until I was the main one in need.

My dad, unfortunately, needed to cease working at our responsibility as a result of medical problem this past year. And without a doubt, I have never seen a group of people who provided so much love and support as my work family did for me. Not really a day went by where they didn't shower me with love and kindness. Whether or not this was a ride home, a homemade dinner, or simply a good hug. They were there for me personally when I felt alone. I've never had the opportunity to put into words how truly appreciative I am on their behalf all.

I would like to take time to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for listening after i ramble.
Thank you for that countless car rides (that I was “forced” to ask for- I’m getting better in internet marketing!)
Thank you because of not judging when I'm in the center of a breakdown. It means the planet in my experience.
Thank you for first making sure I’m okay, then laughing at me after i crash into things around the building (well, most of you, that's).
Thank you for all the tight hugs I’ve received in the center of the hallways. I love them.
Thank you for always putting a smile on my face.
Thank you for making me laugh once i cried in front of you. It’s magical.
Thank you for laughing with me (and never at me) when you find me dancing within the hallways with the kids.
Thank you for creating an atmosphere after i can 100% be my true self. It’s essential.
Thank you for looking out for me even if you thought I wasn’t aware. It can make me feel safe.

Thank you for giving us a place I can call “home.” It’s the best feeling in the world.

Thank you to be my loved ones after i needed it the most.

And lastly, thanks all for just being the wonderful people that you're. I couldn’t become more grateful to become a thing about this family. I hope I’ve left the same impression on everyone that you’ve left on me.

Better get used to having me around, because you’re tied to me (whether you want it or not).

Love all of you,

– Em

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