The Realities Of Being An Overthinker

There isn't much about me that I would say stands out in the crowd. I feel like, at this time in my life, I'm pretty average. And i'm not embarrassed with that. Only one thing I've learned to be real is that I overthink and over analyze everything. The most simple things in my daily life may become the earth's biggest offer a few minutes. It's not something I am proud of, but it's something I've grown to accept.

If you aren't somebody that handles this issue, it can be very difficult to understand someone who does. So here are just a few things I feel you should know.

Overthinking or over reacting is not a disease.

There is no cure. It is a mindset. And though I realize that it is all in my head, it's not something I can just stop doing. It takes discipline and a substantial amount of self-control to keep it from taking over my well being. My brain reacts differently from most people. Simple matters tend to end up with dramatic, very quickly around me.

It is a mindset, and because of that, I am aware that I am doing it. I don't need “professional help.” I do not need let me know that i'm doing the work. I understand what it is, and unlike you, I understand why you have it. I also under that it can be frustrating, but it is part of who I'm.

It bothers me as much, or even more than it bothers you. Simply because I am aware that I am doing the work and that i keep doing it, does not necessarily mean I enjoy doing it. I would prefer not to have to deal with it whatsoever.

We all have characteristics and qualities that we consider when searching for the people we share our time with. Since i have a tendency to overthink things and analyze a situation until I'm blue in the face, I need to surround myself with people which are patient and caring and comprehend the way I react. I don't want to be for sale people who constantly bringing me down correctly.

The thing is, I overthink things because of various situations within my life which have caused me to react the way I do. Between the pressures and also the issues I've faced, my mind can enjoy tricks on me. Personally i think which i need to figure out what the worst case scenario is really I'm able to be ready. It may not be a healthy reaction, but that doesn't mean I'm crazy. I can't even start to count the number of times people have inquired about if I'm crazy due to the way I react. I need validation and support in sometimes the standard tasks. It is nerve wracking, but it happens.

There is a certain kind of emotional toll overthinking might have on the person. It's tough to let things go. It's difficult to become comfortable and realize that everything is alright. It is not easy that i can accept things as they are since i always fear something might be wrong. But I'm not insecure. I know who I'm and i am okay with this. I'm uncertain of whether I wish to be this person or if I should change. Part of overthinking is never allowing your brain to stop questioning the way situations are. Despite the fact that I know just who I am and exactly things i wish to accomplish, I'm still uncertain of whether I am doing the right thing. It's caused me being very indecisive.

Overthinking has caused one positive though. When it comes to what I can accomplish, there aren't any limits. Since i literally explore everything. It makes me a better writer since i don't limit myself. I write about everything. I actually do my best to write about stuff that I am enthusiastic about and that I have a strong opinion on. I don't write with regard to writing. Sometimes I'm able to go weeks without writing because I want to give my best effort to writing about stuff that mean something in my experience. That way, after i go back and analyze I'll actually care and try to make it the best I can.

Yes, I overthink things. Yes, I can be a handful. But it isn't all bad. I know which i do it, but bear in mind it's not my favorite aspect of myself. It makes me question who I am and if I am doing what's right, which isn't always the worst thing. It causes me to really consider things and become mindful of the folks I surround myself with. I'm not necessarily proud of my tendency to overthink, but I'm not embarrassed with it either.

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