The Vicious circle: How To Deal with Being Bullied

Bullying freaking sucks. It hurts to become the one being bullied, or feel like you're the just one in cases like this. Your self-esteem dwindles daily, you do not have the confidence you once had and you slowly start to become unrecognizable within the mirror.

People have a tendency to lose who they are once they become bullied because everything they've been proud of becomes insulted, your feelings are over the place and also you ultimately feel like you are the just one dealing with this type of heartbreak.

Bullies spend a lot time doing things to allow you to that breaking point. They continually push you right into a defenseless corner in which you can't do anything else but fight. So when installed an effort into getting beneath your skin, they take their time doing the work. Sometimes they make little progress, other times they create a life-altering mark on you.

The moment they allow you to your breaking point where you retaliate or explode is the moment then they start to judge you for having anger issues or for being crazy. Yet they disregard all their actions in the process of you dealing with that point. How's that fair?

Then you have the bystanders who witness this sickening abuse day after day. People don't realize precisely how provoked you are before you snap. They are fully aware some of the words must hurt and that they are mean, yet they still uphold watching it happen without offering their help.

When you're bullied you fight your battle alone for the most part. Sure, you have many people which are there for you to listen or attempt to help. But they don't know the type of help you need. And unfortunately, self-growth is among the only things you can do to assist yourself if you cannot escape the toxic life your living.

Unless you will find the option to little one the situation with your bully, you're instructed to endure the torture every day. You are instructed to develop an immunity and develop self-help techniques that may help you not get bothered by the cruel words and actions of others.

You can only convince yourself something so much until you begin to believe it for yourself. If others let you know, it'll temporarily increase your confidence. You have to be able to build yourself back up after you've been knocked down because after your day, those people won't always be there to help you up.

It's hard to do alone and you will often feel defeated, unloved, uncared for, and alone. But it'll be worthwhile. Have words of encouragement, read articles and books compiled by people who have experienced exactly the same things, build yourself up and be your biggest supporter while counting on other people to go to for advice or to vent when needed.

Remember, it hurts even more if you notice your beloved being bullied since you can't observe how someone that fantastic in your eyes could be tormented in ways you could not even imagine. They check this out person and all their potential, and also you look at all of them with the largest admiration. They'll give you honest advice when it's needed.

It's hard to feel trapped in a vicious circle when you can't escape for whatever circumstances you are in. If you want to create a lifestyle change, by all means, get it done. Try not to let someone else's misery create some in your lifetime. Stay in keeping with what you are and focus on improving your self-esteem. You don't have to concentrate on proving them wrong or proving yourself better. Focus on you and also accentuating what makes you so awesome your partner is jealous of.

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