4 Easy Preventative Measures To Remember On World Cancer Day

On February 4th, the world unites and fights against all kinds of cancer. Today, World Cancer Day, helps raise awareness for cancer (which in turn causes over nine million deaths per year) and its prevention methods. Each year, The Union for International Cancer Control activly works to reimagine a global where we prevent countless cancer deaths and provide equal access to live-saving cancer treatments. 

Did you know that approximately 1.8 million people receive cancer diagnoses annually within america? What's more, this past year alone, cancer killed around 606,800 U.S. citizens. The most typical types of cancer within america are cancer of the breast, lung cancer, and bronchial cancer. 

Luckily, there are four easy methods for you to protect yourself against cancer:

1. Avoid using tobacco!

Doctors link tobacco use to many types of cancer. If you need help kicking your tobacco use, speak to your doctor.

2. Take care of your body.

Healthy bodies can fight off illness much better than unhealthy ones. So eat more fruits and vegetables, drink less alcohol, and limit your consumption of processed meats. Also, stay active. Regular exercise helps in reducing your chance of cancer.

3. Protect yourself in the sun!

Although cancer of the skin is incredibly common, we can easily avoid it when we shield ourselves from the sun. Apply sunscreen, find shade, and remain from the midday sun to be able to avoid high UV exposure.

4. See your doctor regularly.

Receiving regular medical care will help you detect cancer continuing and improve your likelihood of survival. Also, staying up to date on vaccinations can help you avoid other diseases like Hepatitis B and HPV, which are both linked to cancer. 

Speaking from personal experience, watching your loved ones battle a terminal illness like cancer is devastating. But every February 4th, we are able to help create a cancer-free future whenever we support World Cancer Day efforts. So check in with your physician, inquire, show support for cancer awareness, and employ your voice to talk out about cancer prevention. If only that people lived inside a world without cancer, but until we do, support those with cancer and help educate others to ensure that we are able to make a difference.

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