Insecure Individuals will Always Try to Pull You Down

I was somebody that was bullied in middle and school. Pretty bad. I'd gum added too my hair. I had been called terrible names. I was criticized for my looks. I had been the butt of numerous jokes. I was left feeling like I didn’t even should live. I went home from soccer practice pretty much every day looking very much like Keaton, with red eyes and questioning basically could endure a later date like this. I had been always left wondering how on Earth anyone might be so cruel and just what Used to do to deserve such treatment.

Rather than thinking something was wrong with these people, I went ahead out on myself. I lacked just of confidence which i may have now and that i found fault in everything that they said/did in my experience. Irrrve never one second believed that it had been something that was wrong with this particular people. I was too young to know that teenagers are assholes. Kids are uncomfortable in their own individual skin. Kids don’t know how to properly express their own feelings. Some kids get treated like dirt both at home and need to find someone else to take it out on. Some kids aren’t properly taught right from wrong. Some kids just want to fit in and use anyone to cut down on to get there. Their email list can go on why they act as our biological forebears do, but when it comes to it, the main reason people bully is they are insecure regarding their own lives.

Insecure individuals will always find some way to pull you right down to their level. They don’t like people that have something they want so they will criticize these to a massive array. They don’t feel at ease enough in their own individual skin, so that they want to reduce on others that are confident to construct themselves up. They don’t prefer to feel like an outcast, so they have feel as though those are the one on the exterior. Even now I still find myself dealing with individuals who feel the need to bully i to feel less insecure about their own lives.

While I might be unable to take down Keaton’s bullies or help him personally, I might have the ability to assist you to a little bit. Bullies may never fully go away, but we are able to find better ways of handling them. While expressing how you feel to a person regarding their behavior towards you is always the best choice, sometimes you need to concentrate on your own reaction as well. I had to spend years to understand that I had been bullied because I was different; Red hair, Michael Strahan teeth, acne and a massive attitude. I wasn’t trying to easily fit in, making it easy for me to face out in the crowd and become talked right down to, but I also took the words to heart. When you're able to to recognize that someone’s criticism you is much more of a reflection on themselves a lot more than anyone else and let those words roll off your shoulder, then you'll be able to determine that you're best and you would be the bigger person by not allowing it to affect you.

Lesson to become learned: We may never be in a position to erase the bullies, but we are able to change the approach we take to handle them. We can’t let someone’s criticism of us reach us. No matter how old we get, there are going to become individuals everyone around you that are going to try to cut you down and make you feel below par with regards to you. Then you have to notice that it is a problem together, not yourself. As Keaton said, someday it will get better. Allow that to someday be today. Hold your face at any height my pal and know that you are awesome just the way you're!

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