Sometimes Loving Someone Also Means Allowing them to Go

Ending rapport can be extremely difficult, particularly if the breakup wasn't a part of your plan to begin with. Maybe everything was going well, however, you suddenly hit some bumps in the road. Perhaps circumstances beyond your control forced you to make a heartbreaking choice. Maybe for whatever reason, you just can't be with your partner. Although it may kill you inside to state goodbye to the person you love, parting ways with them is really much better than keeping the partner in a birdcage, not able to fly free.

Sometimes, regardless of how hard you attempt, you simply can't create happiness.  

A year ago, my long-distance relationship hit a bump. No matter how I tried to repair the mess, it was obvious that the damage had recently been done. I eventually deducted that although I loved this man, I couldn’t keep putting him through all of the struggles i was experiencing.

So I made a decision that it was best for us to visit our separate ways. In the beginning, it had been difficult to be prepared for the choice to leave, however i knew that leaving was best for us both. At the end of your day, I would like us both to be happy and healthy, however i knew that people could not be happy and healthy together.

People have asked me, “If you love him a lot, why have you end your relationship?” The truth is, love is about being mature enough to understand that sometimes, even love itself isn't enough to create your relationship work.

Sometimes you have to put your partner first, even if which means allowing them to go. 

Ending a relationship is not always selfish or cruel. Sometimes it's tough and develops from a host to love and understanding. Discover happy inside a relationship, it's up to your lover to acknowledge your misery and discover a way to improve the situation, even if it means that you both leave. Sometimes the magic of your relationship is just gone, and that's OK. Ultimately, you'll move ahead and find somebody that enables you to happy, and so will your significant other. Sometimes letting go of the individual you love actually proves that you simply love them more.

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