How I'm Slowly Understanding how to Stay Contained in My very own Life

Am I the only one who seems like they are too busy to stay present in their day-to-day life?

Surely I'm not.

But lately, I've felt really alone within this harsh world. Maybe it's because I'm too busy establishing myself to pay attention to what's really happening around me. To put it simply, I feel like a goldfish, like I've got a short attention span because I flit from task to task to accomplish my daily checklist.

Sure, I take days off to catch up on life when I can.

Typically, that means that I clear a day of my weekend so I have enough time to help keep my sanity. After all, I still need physically see my buddies and enjoy time together rather than video-chatting them from the corner of a strange building and hoping I do not take too much time away from my work. 

I'm so set on working my butt off that I let work consume my entire life.

I move from my 8-hour-a-day full-time job to my part-time job, where I work a minimum of 4 hours… if I'm lucky. I have half an hour to obtain from one job to the next, and I spend that time driving to the job, turning into my uniform, and eating basically have enough time. Then I go home, shower, crash, and awaken to do it all again. Even on weekends, Sometimes anywhere from 4-9 hours each day inside my part-time job. 

No matter how hard Sometimes, I miss being myself. 

I miss spending satisfying days with individuals I really like and going to bed feeling fulfilled. I’ve missed going home, turning out the lights, lighting a candle, and watching a movie in my room instead of going straight to bed. I miss impromptu nights out and spontaneous road trips because my friends and I have the time on the planet. 

Every time I spend time with my friends, I'm never fully present.

I'm either distracted, I'm exhausted, or I'm concerned about things that I'll never be in a position to change. So when I'm with my family, everyone states that I “work too much” and need to “enjoy life,” which seriously annoys me. I attempt to savor my entire life, but I find it difficult to look for a balance between working and living. 

While I will always reason that spending so much time is incredibly valuable and admirable, I additionally think that people need to prevent and take a break. Through the chaos of my busy life, though, I've forgotten to do exactly that. Work has kept me so busy that I've missed everything that's right in front of me. 

Sure, I still made an effort you prioritized the folks and stuff that are important in my experience. But I never fully let my hair down, despite the fact that I should. Now, though, I'm making a conscious effort show up – and also to not feel guilty about my choice to have a breather. 

I leave my phone within my purse when I'm with my friends and just remove it to snap a few pictures. Sometimes I splurge on concerts and vacations to treat myself. I visit friends I haven't observed in a while or attempt to call them so we can talk for hours and genuinely catch up. And I try and spend time with the loved ones who I understand won't be around forever and obtain to know the younger ones. 

Most importantly, I'm understanding how to do everything that makes me happy. I'm completely unapologetic about my work-life balance since i realize that enjoying life is truly worth time. 

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