Give Yourself A Break: Don't Let Anxiety Run Your Life

If anyone was struggling with anxiety, you'd expect so that it is the quiet, reclusive and socially awkward kid within the corner – am I right? You'd see it from a mile off; the quivering lip, physical shaking and self-imploding sense of worthlessness? That which you wouldn't expect is the confident, fun-loving and bubbly girl who suffers most, if not every single day having a constant nagging feeling within that she cannot cope.

I'm here to let you know that the thought of anxiety is wrong. There seems to be a discreet lack of interest or maybe understanding in the daunting realms of mental health. It's a taboo that has existed for years, also it comes from a trait most humans seem to withhold – deficiencies in understanding for anything that we haven't experienced.

The turning of the century brought a lot more than just the internet, Facebook and the return of the 90's choker. The number of young people struggling with General Panic attacks has doubled because the 90's, that is unsurprising because of the intense pressure and relentless expectations that Gen-Y is facing.

Our generation feels somewhat obliged to become perfect. There is a distinct misconception that admitting to struggling with anxiety or any other illness means you are weak, however i stand to disagree. Talking freely about something which is really as huge part of one's life, such as anxiety, only enables you to stronger.

Anxiety is nearly like feeling as if you might be drowning and constantly attempting to keep yourself afloat. Inside you are kicking and screaming underwater, but to the outside world you're gliding gracefully across the surface. Joining Gen-Y pretty much involves being taken in ten different directions on a daily basis, attempting to please everyone at the same time whilst focussing on living some kind of a lifestyle for yourself.

Except with anxiety, thoughts won't form an orderly queue in your head. Instead they whirl around, also it builds until it's suddenly uncontrollable. You feel breathless and panicky, because no matter how perhaps you tell yourself you are able to – you're certain that you can't.

While some people will glide through life with little stress, few obstacles and minimal disruption, others will struggle at each hurdle. Believe it or not, the most confident of individuals could be suffering on the inside.

While anxiety doesn't rule my life, I am not superwoman. Sure, it's frustrating when it ruins plans or makes something which for anybody else is so easy seem impossible – but it is about small steps. There's only to date you are able to push yourself without reaching the breaking point and it's essential not to lose touch with that and yourself. You'll find security in because you are not by yourself. The remainder of our generation is another victim towards the fast-paced society we reside in, although not everyone is going to be dealing with it as well as they say.

Life shouldn't be a battle against anxiety and it's not something should need to be 'cured of,' or curse the fact you suffer, it is simply among those stuff you need to learn how to accept – like bad eye sight or being footwear size that is never available.

What I've learned over the years is the fact that we must give ourselves a rest, be kinder and stop asking “what is wrong with me.” Since the the fact is, nothing is wrong with you, it's just how you we are made. Many people have blonde hair, some people need braces, some people wear glasses plus some individuals have anxiety.

I am inviting everyone, myself included to be kinder to ourselves, kinder to each other, inviting of person flaws, accepting of the differences and just unashamed to be honest, open and true to yourself.

The stress of deadlines, internships and friendships will quickly be overtaken through the magnitude of the real life – bills, jobs, mortgages and financial worries. Whilst anxiety fuels itself on fretting about everything of my undecided future, I understand that my buddy anxiety and I is going to be just fine. We all do cope, we'll cope and one day we'll look for a balance, because anxiety, you aren't the boss of me.

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