What To Give Someone Who Doesn't Want Anything For Christmas

Everyone knows how it goes. You ask a relative what they need for that holidays, that they reply “nothing” and you are left to your own devices to figure it. I've been the person on ends of the question. I have been relayed through someone who they do not know what they want or I have been indecisive about what I want.

Usually, I tell my father I don't want anything but then my mom gets frustrated and so i jot down items I could use to make her happy. I’ve been recognized to not choose stuff that I will just open on Christmas and forget a year later.

I prefer the gifts I receive to be practical.

Personally i think like when people say they do not have a specific request, they are looking forward to the time spent with loved ones a lot more than they are material items. They look forward to creating special memories. If they are gifted something they will use often, it can benefit them remember you and all of the shared experiences.

Instead of impulsively buying something think the person would thoroughly enjoy, take time to consider what they are really saying. They might just want the gift of spending time with you as times can be hectic and busy. They might only need an association, a listening ear, some support, or a good laugh. You will never know until you ask them.

Avoid any miscommunication and clarify what they need so that there's no confusion or disappointment on either end. Some of the best Gifts are not those that are tangible. They are the ones that warm the soul and heart and that they'll cherish forever. I think to some extent we need to understand and respect that.

Instead, attempt to commutate and listen to one another to determine things using their perspective this holidays. The holidays actually are less about gifts and more about whom you have around you. I think overall it is exactly what you need to get somebody that doesn’t want anything this year. An association is one thing that can't be bought and it is essential.

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