Why Google Calendar Is An Organizational Game Changer

Google Calendar has been around for some time, but, like the majority of things, I'm late to the game. Recently i started by using this tool to arrange my entire life, though. Google Calendar is obtainable across various devices, meaning I can add, change, or check things on any device. Whether I'm sitting inside my desk or walking somewhere, I'm able to check my calendar. It's convenient and straightforward to use. I still use my planner, but here are some reasons why I really like using Google Calendar as well.

Google Calendar allows me to produce different reminders and color code everything.

I put my class schedule within my Google Calendar under a specific color. Then, I put my work schedule within a different color. After i look at my calendar, I'm able to easily distinguish what something is and just what needs to be done. I can see if the items is a class, work, a task, or something else that should be done. This also lets me see what is left throughout my day.

Google Calendar allows me to put all things in one calendar.

My schedule, to-do list, meetings and anything else all enter in the calendar. With this particular app, I know whether it's inside, I must get it done. I am able to schedule working on papers, reading, studying, and any other assignments. It also helps you organize your personal life. I'm able to add Facebook events, plans I have made, or anything else that needs time blocked off.

Google Calendar helps me manage my life.

One thing my Google Calendar allows me to do that my planner doesn't is time blocking. Everything that a university student must be done could be overwhelming, making this one tool If only I had been aware of sooner. Google Calendar shows each day and breaks it down by hours. This enables me to determine the length of time I must complete assignments, chores, working out, along with other needed things. This has benefited me so much because I can now get more done by giving myself time limits, also it helps me know exactly what my day will look like. As long as I maintain it, I know it will probably be an excellent useful tool. It keeps my entire life more stable and my stress at bay. I can not plan emergencies and things that are out of my control, but Google Calendar allows me to create changes instantly.

You can share it with others.

If you are attempting to locate a time to do something with friends you are able to share your calendar with them and they can see when you're available. This makes setting a time far more easy. Also, for those who have a partner or group project, you are able to tell your group making getting together easier and less stressful.

College is hard and sometimes staying organized seems impossible, however with Google Calendar, life’s easier. It's easily manageable, and the best part? It's free. You actually can't beat it. I love keeping a planner because I can write my assignments and things down, however with Google Calendar, my planner does not get overwhelmed with appointments and meetings. I highly recommend giving Google Calendar a try if you are searching for a fun way to organize your time and effort!

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