7 Simple Ways To Cut costs And Make The Planet A Better Place

The time to make New Year’s resolutions is almost upon us, but there’s no need to hold back until January to solve to go greener around your house. Did you know that taking simple measures to repurpose household goods can help you both reduce your carbon footprint and save you a lot of cold, income as well? It’s true!

Here are seven fun methods to cut costs and make the planet only a slightly better place, too..

  1. Save Your Takeout Containers

Old takeout containers can perfectly replace your pricey Tupperware. What percentage of us have spent a significant amount of money on food containers simply to wind up losing the lid? Wash out that Moo Goo Gai Pan tray rather than tossing it into the recycling bin. Takeout containers will be the perfect size for taking your lunch along with you, too!

  1. Let Your Plants Go to Seed

Do you keep buying tomatoes and peppers year after year? Why? When you generate your final harvest of the season, save some seeds from each plant, and use these to harvest baby plants early in the year! You’ll save a ton of money and resources during spring planting.

  1. Get Creative with Eggshells

Speaking of planting, did you know that half an eggshell makes the perfect base for quickening seeds? It’s true! So, don’t tennis ball so the shells the next time you make an omelet. Just sprinkle a bit of planting soil and a seed into each half-shell, place them on a sunny windowsill, water, watching your brand-new plants grow!

  1. Do Your Own Version of Kintsugi

In Japanese culture, when a piece of china breaks, instead of tossing the broken pieces, people mend the shards along with gold. This practice, called kintsugi, makes broken things even more beautiful than they were before.

Of course, you don’t need to use gold, but why not add some glitter towards the ceramic-safe glue you use to mend that broken plate? Your china pattern might no longer perfectly match, however it will sparkle at the broken places- and be much more beautiful.

  1. Reinstate your Furniture

Do you have an old table or dresser you’d like to restore but fear the problem involved? Fear not! Restoring old furniture can be fun, and it’s not nearly as difficult since you may think.

Simply remove all the hardware and disassemble the piece whenever possible. Once you’ve sanded the furniture down, get imaginative whenever you repaint it! You may create whimsical, playful textures using sponges, stencils, or even an old toothbrush. When you’re finished, you’ll possess a beautiful bit of decor that's truly uniquely yours.

  1. Repurpose Those Bags

Grocery bags are wonderful for repurposing, especially if you're a student.Have you got school books you have to keep tidy? Cutting up a paper grocery bag and turning it into a magazine cover keeps your school book safe as well as supplies a customizable surface to doodle on.

  1. Use Glass Jars to Give Gifts

You may use glass jars for many purposes, the least of which is packaging small gifts! Simply decorate a glass jar with paint or ribbon, insert a scented pillar candle, and you’ve had a quick, crafty gift that’s ideal for nearly any special occasion. If you have a crafter in your life, fill a decorated glass jar with beads, thread, or any other crafting materials for a whimsical but useful present.

Once upon a period, reusing everyday items was routine. Our need to keep our world green has renewed interest in this dying art. With only a little creativity, you, too, can help to save money and help to keep our world healthy at the same time!

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