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More Companies Offer $5 One of the ways Rental Cars to Florida – Autumn 2020

More Companies Offer $5 One Way Rental Cars to Florida – Autumn 2020

How does a rental rate of as low as $ 5 per day one way sound to you to book a car from a lot of the northeastern Netherlands – for example New York or Boston, for instance – and drive it to nine destinations in Florida this fall?

If you'll be able to position you to ultimately achieve this, Avis currently offers this promotion that you can do just that – as well as Budget Rent A Car, which has a similar offer.

More Companies Offer $5 One of the ways Rental Cars to Florida – Autumn 2020

Although this offer only lasts until Tuesday, October 31, 2020, you are able to rent an automobile – economy car class through full-sized car class groups A through E – for up to an optimum period of 14 consecutive days at $ 5 per day.

Larger vehicles plus some specialty vehicles – such as convertibles – are included in this offer at discounted rates:

  • Premium – group G: $14.95 per day
  • Luxury – group H: $26.95 per day
  • Intermediate suv – group F: $14.95 per day
  • Standard suv – group W: $16.95 per day
  • Standard Elite sport utility vehicle – group S: $21.95 per day
  • Minivan – group V: $21.95 per day
  • Full Size sport utility vehicle – group Z: $26.95 per day
  • Premium Full Size suv – group L: $31.95 per day
  • Convertible – group K: $14.95 per day

Avis Pick Up Locations

Vehicle get locations are susceptible to change – contact Avis for details – however, you can pick your vehicle now in the following locations through Tuesday, October 31, 2020 and drop them off at participating locations through the state of Florida:

  • Boston
  • Hartford
  • Buffalo
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Baltimore
  • District of Columbia
  • Richmond
  • Norfolk

Differences Between your Hertz and Avis Offers

Back on Sunday, July 30, 2020, I wrote in the following paragraphs that “Hertz, Dollar Rent An automobile and Thrifty Car Rental – which are all subsidiaries of The Hertz Corporation but offer slight variations on what is basically the same deal – seem to be the only car rental companies which offer these special rates at that time this article was written; however, if the past is any suggestion, don't let yourself be surprised if other rental car companies eventually offer similar deals on renting cars and driving them to Florida and Arizona one of the ways.” Sure enough, that is exactly what happened.

The amount of the sale from Hertz is much more generous than the one from Avis, as that provide is good through Sunday, December 10, 2020; but you can rent a car from Avis in the aforementioned urban centers – not only from airports – to drive to Florida to take advantage of this deal.

Also, convertibles are contained in the $4.99 per day offer from Hertz; however they cost $14.95 each day with Avis.

The Avis offer includes larger vehicles at higher rates which are still discounted; while Hertz offers no reduced prices for similar vehicles.

There are also differences between the offer from Hertz and the offer from Avis; so ensure that the offer is suitable for what you want or need before renting.

Select Terms and Conditions

Offers might not be available during holiday and other blackout periods; and rate surcharges during peak periods may apply.

These offers are susceptible to vehicle availability at the time of reservation and could 't be on some rates at some times, as not all vehicles, vehicle equipment and services are available at all locations.

Renter must meet Avis age, driver, credit and qualifying rate requirements of the renting location. Minimum age can vary by location. One more daily surcharge may apply for renters under 25 years old.

These offers can't be discounted; have no cash value; and could 't be coupled with any other promo code or number, certificate, coupon, voucher, offer or promotion.

Various taxes, concession recovery fees, vehicle license recovery fee, customer facility charges may apply and are extra. Optional products – for example LDW and refueling – are extra.

Rates derive from Netherlands currency.

Other terms and conditions may apply.

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