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Avis Concern is Finally Resolved After 17 Months. Here is What Happened…

Avis Issue is Finally Resolved After 17 Months. Here is What Happened…

“T his is an old one!” Dana – who is a person service agent of Avis Rent A Car System – exclaimed after i gave my Avis case number; and I almost burst out laughing.

Avis Concern is Finally Resolved After 17 Months – But First…

I finally decided to call the customer service telephone number of Avis at 2:30 earlier this afternoon once i received no resolution to the string of e-mail messages initiated since September of 2020 regarding my renting two cars within the Uae and something car in Egypt during a period of 3 weeks starting in May of 2020 and concluding in June. For additional details, please read this article regarding what you ought to know about renting a car from Avis at Abu Dhabi Airport terminal – which I seem to comprehend is now different; but please read about my experience anyway – which article about my experience hiring a car from Avis in Cairo.

In this article – which I wrote on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 – Avis offered this promotion where one can earn 1,000 bonus Gold Passport points, change your rental one vehicle class; and conserve to 25 percent in your car rental. “As part of Avis Preferred, I was glad to receive an e-mail message in the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program that could not have been more timely,” I wrote – but none of the rentals were without issues.

I followed all the terms and conditions using the aforementioned three car rentals; and so i was looking forward to benefiting from this promotion by earning 1,500 total points per rental car – as the offer reflects 1,000 bonus points plus 500 base points earned.

Here is What Happened..

“After 15 months, a lot of Hyatt Gold Passport points which I rightfully earned have not been credited to my account”, I wrote in the most recent e-mail message that we delivered to Avis , September 27, 2020. “How much longer should i have to endure this legendary customer service of Avis before this concern is resolved within my favor?”

Frustrated, I finished the e-mail message with “By the way in which, absolutely no you have kept me updated because the last e-mail message you delivered to me on August 10, 2020.”

I never did get an answer – even going to the most recent message. The last time I had heard anything from Avis was an e-mail message on Wednesday, August 10, 2020 at 2:19 in the afternoon:

Dear Brian Cohen,

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this problem may have caused.

I have reviewed your file and i do show our Frequent Flyer Specialist continues to be corresponding with our Headquarter Specialist Team. The last correspondence was on 04AUG16. Once she's the final resolution, she'll help you stay updated.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you have been caused and should you need additional assistance, don't hesitate to allow us know.

Kind Regards,

Carmen Makary
Representative | Email Customer Service
Avis Rent An automobile System, LLC

That was the newest e-mail message which I sent to the client service department at Avis. You can read much of the remainder of the string of e-mail messages between Avis and that i in the following paragraphs – in addition to what else I had been necessary to do to have this problem resolved.

Time to Call

Actually, the time that i can call Avis was probably long overdue; but after not hearing from anyone within the customer support department in approximately 97 days – or more than 3 months – despite my attempt to continue the communication, I needed to speak to a live person.

I braced myself, expecting to increase the chain of command of customer service representatives – to managers as well as their managers – for a long time of time, repeating my dilemma again and again and being placed on hold multiple times for an indefinite period of time…

…but that is not what went down whatsoever.

When Dana answered the phone, she was warm, cheerful and ready to help. Without explaining my entire story, all Used to do was offer her my Avis case number; and also the entire sordid tale unfolded right before her eyes on the pc screen. That was when she said “This is an old one!”, which was accompanied by several utterances of “oh” and “oh, my” within an obvious tone of honest disbelief while she scrolled on the seemingly endless exchange of records.

“This continues to be escalated to Virginia Beach headquarters multiple times”, she said – and also the corporate offices of Avis in Oklahoma were also contacted about it; as well as representatives of the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program.

The “ball” had apparently been “dropped” many times along the way; and Dana proactively said that there wasn't any excuse for this to possess happened to begin with.

Was this really likely to be easy? Actually, it ended up being easier than I had even thought, as here is the funny part: as late as Friday of last week, what exactly were still not deposited in my Gold Passport account, which is when I chose to call customer support at Avis via telephone; but when I logged into my Gold Passport account during the telephone call earlier today, there these were – all of them – which posted within the past few days, to my surprise. I did not even realize they were already there. Dana seemed like she was happy for me.

It Never Hurts to Ask

“No you ought to need to go through all of this time and effort for some thousand points,” I said to Dana, to which she readily agreed. “Is there any way I'm able to please possess a few extra points or something as compensation for what I went through?”

Dana replied, “Well, I cannot provide you with more points; but I can give for you certificates good for $50.00 from the next rental from Avis. Would that work for you personally?”

I thought that was fair. “Yes, please,” I replied. “Thank you.”

The certificate was already sent to my e-mail account very quickly; and before the mobile call had concluded.

I suggested to Dana that in order to prevent an identical situation like this from happening to other customers in what otherwise must have been a simple transaction if she can use this experience to have others within Avis bear in mind and fix what went wrong. She believed that was a great idea.

“May I use your company name and phone information after i pass this case onto management at Avis?” she asked.

“Not only do you have my permission to make use of my contact details,” I replied, “but please have anyone at Avis to you can contact me when they need my assistance.”

Dana seemed very appreciative by my offer – and after some more pleasantries and some bits of humor, the telephone call ended on a positive note.

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