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Earn 25 Free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points Instantly With Hertz Holidays Travel 2020 – Plus Earn As much as Quadruple Points Per Car Rental

Earn 25 Free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points Instantly With Hertz Holidays Travel 2020 – Plus Earn Up to Quadruple Points Per Car Rental

Y ou can earn 25 free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points instantly only for registering for the Hertz Holidays Travel 2020 promotion where one can earn as much as quadruple points per car rental by Saturday, December 31, 2020; with qualifying vehicle rentals, you'll earn:

  • Double Gold Plus Rewards points in your first vehicle rental
  • Triple points on your second vehicle rental
  • Quadruple Gold Plus Rewards points on all remaining vehicle rentals

How to Find Out if You Be eligible for a This Offer

Although this offer seems to be targeted, you've got a good shot at qualifying for this offer anyway – and also the best way to find out if you indeed be eligible for a this offers are to take a few seconds of your energy to join up for this promotion like a member of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program.

Source: Hertz.

After you register for this offer, check your account to make sure that the 25 points was instantly deposited.

Source: Hertz.

Bonus Gold Plus Rewards points – which I have earned from previous similar promotions such as this one – haven't yet expired; but that does not imply that what exactly are guaranteed to not expire after 24 months have elapsed. Benefiting from this promotion where you will earn as much as quadruple Gold Plus Rewards points after two vehicle rentals is a recommended method to keep your Gold Plus Rewards points inside your account from expiring.

In fact, just beneath the Rewards Activity of my account may be the following statement:

Points will not expire as long as you have a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards rental activity within the prior Two years. Activity means a Gold Plus Rewards Point was either earned or redeemed on a rental.

Select Terms and Conditions

This offers are available to select Gold Plus Rewards members only who reside in the Netherlands or Canada. You must select to receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points around the reservation to earn up to quadruple Hertz Gold Plus Rewards bonuses per rental car. The free day includes base rates only, as additional taxes and costs may apply. Registration is needed to participate in the rental promotion and track your rentals. Only vehicle rentals booked, reserved and completed following the date of registration will qualify for the promotion.

Only your base rental points and Five Star 10 % bonus or President's Circle 25 % bonus is going to be doubled in your first qualifying rental, tripled on the second rental and quadrupled thereafter on rentals completed by Saturday, December 31, 2020 at participating Hertz locations.

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program awards members one point per qualifying Netherlands dollar spent or its equivalent in the currency taken care of car rented. Bonus Gold Plus Rewards points won't be awarded on the vehicle rental accruing other frequent travel loyalty program points. As much as a month may elapse from the end from the promotion period before bonus Gold Plus Rewards points will be added to your account; but they can be redeemed immediately. Standard rental qualifications and return restrictions apply. Advance reservations are required. Modifying your reservation may result in a change in your rate or invalidate this offer, without any cash value and can't be utilized with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates, Insurance Replacement Rates or other promotion apart from your CDP number. The minimum age for this offers are 21 and age differential charges may apply. All Hertz Gold Plus Rewards rules apply.

Other terms and conditions may apply.

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