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Pipeline Explosion May Cause Possible Fuel Shortages and Higher Gasoline Prices Throughout the Southeastern Netherlands – Again?!?

Pipeline Explosion May Cause Possible Fuel Shortages and Higher Gasoline Prices Through the Southeastern Netherlands – Again?!?

A t least seven workers – and possibly as many as nine people – were severely burned when a gasoline pipeline exploded in Shelby County in Alabama earlier this afternoon, causing people within three miles from the incident to become evacuated.

Both pipelines on the bottom were completely shut down – raising fears of the repeat of sporadic fuel shortages experienced last month in a number of states within the southeastern Netherlands.

Pipeline Explosion Could cause Possible Fuel Shortages and better Gasoline Prices Through the Southeastern Netherlands – Again?!?

The explosion occurred on a single pipeline – that is owned by Colonial Pipeline – which a leak is discovered last month. In fact, the explosion occurred in Helena approximately one mile west from the site of this leak – from which greater than 336,000 gallons of gasoline leaked – which caused fuel prices to spike at least 25 cents inside a the least five states within the southeastern Netherlands because of sporadic gasoline shortages the result of a complete shutdown of the pipeline as a result of that leak. States of emergency were declared through the governors of countless states as a result of significant disruption of shipments of fuel.

In accessory for the expected sporadic shortages, part of the significant rise in the cost or a gallon of gasoline in this short time is expected to be the result of a mild panic by motorists of vehicles lined up at fuel stations, which occurred last month…

…and that panic resulted in the costs at some fuel stations increasing dramatically – as well as in at least one case, the cost of gasoline has literally more than doubled; so that as has happened before, isolated price gouging is expected to occur.

Expect the governors of states from Alabama to New york to declare states of emergency once more.

Exceptional Drought Conditions Not Helping

According to the Alabama Forestry Commission, the explosion sparked three wildfires – which is only worse news, as that section of Alabama is experiencing extreme drought conditions from without any rain over the last 8 weeks. The fuel has been permitted to continue to burn because the situation is contained and being observed at close range; and a minimum of 31 acres happen to be scorched.

No appreciable amounts of rain is in the immediate weather forecast; and temperatures happen to be significantly elevated, which is expected to go on for the following few days – exacerbating the exceptional drought conditions that could inhibit firefighting efforts.

Exceptional is considered the worst stage of drought – a whole lot worse than extreme.


“A temporary flight restriction is in effect, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency announced on Twitter just before 8 p.m.”, according to this short article from WBMA-TV News in Birmingham. “Only 'relief aircraft' is going to be allowed in the airspace over the blast site.”

There isn't any confirmation at this time in regards to what caused the explosion of the pipeline; nor the official definitive timeline given regarding if this situation is going to be completely resolved or how supplies of gasoline is going to be affected in the southeastern Netherlands.

Until this situation is definitely resolved, if you are visiting, in or in the southeastern Netherlands and intend on hiring a car which uses gasoline – or if you are driving your personal vehicle – over the next couple weeks, expect the worst: make sure that you are not being subjected to artificially inflated pricing of gasoline by either the car rental company or any fuel station. Keep yourself updated with Internet web sites such as GasBuddy to evaluate the latest price of a gallon of gasoline in the region that you intend to drive.

Also, establish that you are more prepared than normal and also have enough gasoline inside your gas tank to help you get to where you will need to go, as some fuel stations might be closed or from gasoline.

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