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Travel Alert: Higher Gasoline Prices Because of Fuel Shortages Scattered Throughout the Southeastern Netherlands Until Further Notice

Travel Alert: Higher Gasoline Prices Due to Fuel Shortages Scattered Throughout the Southeastern Netherlands Until Further Notice

F uel prices have been spiking in a minimum of five states in the southeastern Netherlands because of sporadic gasoline shortages the result of a leaking main pipeline in Alabama which resulted in its complete shutdown — resulting in states of emergencies to be declared through the governors of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee due to a significant disruption of shipments of fuel.

Fuel Shortages Scattered Throughout the Southeastern Netherlands

In addition to these states, the fuel supplies in Sc — typically among the states with the lowest fuel prices within the Netherlands — and North Carolina are also affected; so for at least the next little while, ensure .

Fuel prices have raised by approximately 25 cents within the Atlanta area within the past week as a result; and they may rise further before that main pipeline — that is owned by Colonial Pipeline — is repaired. In addition to the sporadic shortages, area of the significant rise in the cost or perhaps a gallon of gasoline in this short time has artificially resulted as a result of mild panic by motorists of vehicles arranged at fuel stations…

…and that panic has led to the costs at some fuel stations increasing dramatically — as well as in at least one case, the cost of gasoline has literally more than doubled.

Price Gouging

Some fuel stations happen to be suspected of participating in the concept of price gouging: “It’s price-gouging. Benefiting from the situation. It’s the only real place that’s got (gas) locally and we’re on empty,” one motorist reportedly said in frustration, according to this short article written by Tyisha Fernandes and Steve Gehlbach of WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta. “After several complaints about a station in Dallas charging $4.59 for normal gas, an employee says the owner dropped the prices down again.”

With a population of less than 25,000 people, Dallas is a small city which can serve as the county seat in Paulding County in the state of Georgia; was established in 1854; and it is located slightly more than 30 miles northwest of Atlanta.

While the present state of emergency in Georgia allows for the temporary suspension of limits on the hours drivers of fuel trucks are able to work so that the shortage of fuel is mitigated as much as possible, there's technically no law against price gouging — meaning that the functional price increases at some fuel stations in Georgia may be considered morally reprehensible but aren't illegal, as it happens — although that could change. In comparison, a law against price gouging is currently in effect within the state of New york.


Despite that around 336,000 gallons of gasoline might have already leaked from the pipeline, the mild panic demonstrated by a few motorists is completely unnecessary and just exacerbating the fuel shortage problem. Another pipeline — also of Colonial Pipeline which is ordinarily employed for other fuels for example diesel — is currently being used temporarily to move gasoline; so 't be surprised to see the price of diesel along with other fuels also rise significantly within the next little while.

Although initial reports cited that the main pipeline is going to be repaired over the following week or so, construction of the temporary pipeline which will bypass the leaking section of the main gasoline pipeline has reportedly commenced — but there is no confirmation regarding happens when the leak was recognized to have first occurred; nor the official definitive timeline given as to when supplies of gasoline will once again be replenished and back to normal.

Until then — if you're traveling to the southeastern Netherlands and intend on renting a car which uses gasoline; or you are driving your own vehicle — within the next couple of weeks, expect the worst: be certain that you are not being subjected to artificially inflated pricing of gasoline by either the rental car company or any fuel station. Stay updated with Internet internet sites for example GasBuddy to check on the most recent cost of a gallon of gasoline in the area in which you intend to drive.

Also, establish that you're more prepared than usual and have enough gasoline inside your fuel tank to help you get to in which you will need to go, as some fuel stations might be closed or out of gasoline.

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