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How to Park For Free at the Airport – and Make money from It

How to fit For Free at the Airport – and Make money from It

U nless you use public transportation or a ride-sharing service for example Uber or Lyft, you most likely drive your car towards the airport and park it in a facility where the cost could vary from a few bucks to as much as $40.00 per day, according to this short article written by Justin Ocean of Travel+Leisure.

$40.00 each day?!? Ouch.

One method to trim the expense of parking at or close to the airport is by using a service in which you although park your car free of charge; however, you can in fact profit from it.

How to fit For Free at the Airport – and Profit From It

Car rental platforms for individual owner services make use of a private car – which may normally be parked idle at an airport for that duration that it is owner is away on a holiday – and let for use to a person who needs use of a car while they're going to the location where the car relies and registered. The concept is it is a win-win-win system: the car owner profits from the utilization of their car, which may be as much as several hundred dollars per month; visitors has a vehicle to book for purportedly a more affordable rate than a typical car rental; and also the company which arranges the rental profits too.

The vehicles used must meet minimum requirements – so if you possess a car which is 15 years old; does not have a “clean” title; and it has logged 250,000 miles, you will not be able to employ this service.

Potential renters of your vehicle must meet minimum requirements as well, because the car isn't rented to just anybody who wants to rent one.

Insurance coverage is available to both the owner of the automobile along with the renter. Who owns the automobile does not have to pay for insurance coverage, of which the car is included up to its full value or up to $1,000,000.00; whereas the renter can pick to pay extra for insurance – as well as choose the amount of coverage desired.

There are in least two companies that will pay you to rent your car when you are traveling: Turo and FlightCar.


Number 11 from the 14 hottest on-demand startup companies of Forbes for 2020 having a valuation of $311 million, Turo – that was originally referred to as RelayRides – rents the non-public vehicles of car owners in countless locations in each and every state throughout the Netherlands and also the District of Columbia; but with the exception from the state of New York.

If your car may be worth $75,000.00 and also you rent it for Thirty days from every month, you can supposedly earn up to a maximum of $47,208.00 each year; but of course that means that you will only have five days from the year that you can drive your car – but you may also supposedly repay your vehicle within two years. Of course, that does not include costs from such expenses as primary car insurance, maintenance and cleaning fees to maintain your car looking completely new.

Professional photography of your car is complimentary whenever you list your car for rent.

Turo covers any basic maintenance needs on cars during long-term – meaning one month or more – parking reservations. Basic maintenance includes:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Tire rotation
  • Tire tread depth inspection
  • Windshield wiper maintenance
  • Basic mechanical inspections


However – at that time this article was posted – you are able to park for free only at Los Angeles Airport terminal and San Francisco International Airport while your vehicle is rented and you can earn as much as $425.00 per month; but if you don't use those two airports, you can still deliver your car to the airport for an awaiting renter. The problem with that is the fact that – unless the two of you agree with the exact drop off and get times – where can the car be parked in the meantime; or what if you'll need your vehicle before the rental has concluded?

There are 3 ways that you are able to rent out your car with Turo:

  • Deliver your car to custom locations around town, within a set radius
  • Deliver your vehicle to nearby airports
  • Travelers pick up the vehicle at your location


If you are renting a car with Turo, remember that by August of 2020, all new and existing listings have been automatically opted in to dynamic pricing, which “is an intelligent feature that adjusts your Turo listing's daily prices automatically, that is made to maximize your earnings with>FlightCar

Just behind Turo at number 12 of the 14 hottest on-demand startup companies of Forbes for 2020 with a valuation of $103 million, FlightCar has also had its issues with internal turmoil and being significantly restructured recently.

FlightCar provides you with the choice to book out your car rather than parking it in the airport; and parking in the airport along with a car wash will always be totally free with FlightCar – even if your car wasn't rented while you were away.

You fill out a parking reservation form online with basic information regarding your vehicle and also the departure and return dates of the trip. Then – on the day of the trip – you drive your car to the FlightCar parking area close to the airport where your evidence of insurance and title are copied; and you will be driven to the airport inside a black valet car. Meanwhile, an image is taken of your vehicle and posted for rent on the official Internet web site of FlightCar; and when your vehicle is rented while you are traveling, you'll receive notification with an e-mail message. You demand the pickup of your vehicle in the airport upon your return.

Information pertaining to just how much you could earn renting your automobile could be calculated here.

If you are renting an automobile from FlightCar, you're supposedly guaranteed the lowest rates with no fees; insurance is included at no extra charge; without any paperwork and no waiting – all as little as $15.00 per day, including all taxes and costs.

There are presently twelve airports round the Netherlands where the FlightCar service is available, including:

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Dallas Fort Worth
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Newark
  • Oakland
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Seattle
  • Washington Dulles


I don't know of a quantity of implications which could occur because of renting your car for profit, when i have never used this type of service. What if your car is involved with a traffic violation while you are away? Would renting your vehicle for profit violate the relation to your car insurance policy? How do you report the wages of renting your car for tax purposes?

Despite the safeguards and protections supposedly built into this business model, it seems rather risky in my experience in more ways than a single. For instance – during June of last year – a lady returned from her trip to find her vehicle sustained approximately $3,600.00 in damages after she rented it through FlightCar. Approximately 30 days later, a lady reported that her car was stolen after she left it with FlightCar; and that was only area of the problems she experienced. A man was lacking his car for at least a month after it had been impounded since the renter of his car violated the policies of Turo – in addition to laws imposed by the government. Personally, i would not consider giving it a go at this time…

…however, ride-share services for example Uber and Lyft where private vehicles are utilized seem to be successful regardless of the obstacles by which those companies had faced – such as when a fellow “blogger” at BoardingArea purportedly earned less than $1.19 per hour like a driver for UberX – so probably the services supplied by Turo and FlightCar might similarly be successful…

…and you can make money renting your car while parking your vehicle free of charge near the airport while you are traveling.

Whether you choose to make use of your car to book most likely through Turo or FlightCar or rent an automobile from either of these companies, make sure that you have carefully researched the policies and history of each company so you may arrive at an informed decision – in addition to be as knowledgeable as you possibly can regarding what you are about to experience.

In short: do your homework; and do it thoroughly.

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