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Stupid Tip of the Day: Along side it on Which to Pump When Refueling Your Rental Car

Stupid Tip during the day: Along side it which to function When Refueling Your Rental Car

Note: Stupid Tip during the day is a not-so-new regular feature from the Gate which will not be featured regularly – if at all – after today-or maybe not.

“B een driving for so many years and that i now feel like such an idiot!!!” was an admission of being unsure of about a simple trick of the side which to function when refueling your rental car by George of TravelBloggerBuzz as he provided a link to the advice originally posted by Grace Alexander of Fly Gracefully.

When When i first read it, I thought to myself that it was nice of Grace to publish that advice – but everybody knows that – right?!? After reading a few of the comments posted at this article, it became clear that does not everyone knows this little bit of information – and that includes seasoned travelers. For example, Mark posted in the Comments section, “D'oh- and I've be on the road for 23 many didn't know this.”

How to be aware what Side on Which to function When Refueling Your Rental Car

Have you ever driven a rental car up to the pump in a fuel station, not knowing on which side to fill the tank of the car with gasoline? Or – when i first asked you in the following paragraphs , March 6, 2007 – “Don't you feel fuelish when you drive into a petrol station and you are not sure on which side you are supposed to fill the vehicle with gasoline?”

There is really a nifty little triangle along the side of the small gasoline pump icon which directs you to are you going to of the vehicle is to should pump your fuel. The small triangle provides you with the indication regarding are you going to the fuel door is located – for instance, the left side if you are using the photograph at the top of this article – so that you know ahead of time how to pull-up the automobile towards the pump correctly every time.

I Am Pleased to Assist – But Why Ask Me?

Believe it or not, I have occasionally been stopped by other motorists at petrol stations, asking me questions ranging from the way i know what side from the vehicle the door to the fuel tank is located, to 1 just asked of us a couple weeks ago regarding how to open the fuel door of the rental car.

I am not sure regarding how I appear to project to other people that i'm somehow an “expert” on how to refuel a vehicle. All I do is zip the vehicle up to the pump; pay ahead of time having a credit card; and fill its tank with gasoline. I guess the situation is similar to when I am in a catered event and a woman asks me where the rest room for women is located – despite the fact that I am male. You might be surprised as to how frequently that occurs.

I never did realize that logic – or lack thereof…


This simple little tip could save you a couple of seconds at worst – and perhaps provide some safety if you happen to be at an energy station at night or perhaps in an area which is not the safest. I'd believe that pulling as much as the pump only to find the fuel door is around the opposite side of the vehicle could be a telltale sign that you are driving accommodations car or that you're uncertain of your surroundings.

When you rent a car, check the fuel gauge to make sure that that triangle indicator is definitely there before driving the vehicle away – and if it's not there, a minimum of check up on are you going to from the car the fuel door is located.

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