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Why I don’t Like Alamo Much better than Other Car rental Companies

Why I Do Not Like Alamo Much better than Other Car rental Companies

J eanne Marie Hoffman of Le Chic Geek professes in this article her “love” for Alamo Rent a Car according to her experiences – that I have to respectfully disagree according to my experiences.

Exactly twelve months ago today, I reported in this article regarding the changes of the terms and conditions of the Alamo Insiders frequent renter loyalty program, which became effective as of Monday, June 16, 2020. The purpose of the changes would be to update the member discount to five percent off of the retail rates for vehicle rentals within the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Latin America – the discount for members used to be 10 % – and to take away the free “Additional Authorized Driver.”

I concluded that article with this statement: “As for me personally, I have avoided using Alamo Rent an automobile for many years given that they reneged on the relation to an offer I contracted with them; and they would not relent. It appears as though I have not really missed anything-“

Of course, there is always the old saying “never say never” – and you never know basically will ever again rent a vehicle from Alamo Rent a Car – but observe that the title of this article is Why I Do Not Like Alamo Better Than Other Rental Car Companies and never Why I Dislike Alamo A lot more than Other Car rental Companies. It is similar to the statement by pharmaceutical firms that “no pain reliever is much more effective” simply because they cannot claim that “our pain reliever is stronger and far more effective” if it is not true…

…so please allow me to go through the list by Jeanne, where I'm able to impart my experiences.

1. They tend to possess cheaper rates than the majority of the big players.

That hasn't necessarily been my experience. With special offers and promotions – such as this one on which I reported yesterday regarding earning 1,000 Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program points, a one-class car group upgrade, and as much as 25 % off of the cost of the vehicle rental – I have found by personal expertise that less expensive rates vary with a variety of factors – too varied to reach a conclusion. It is sometimes Avis. It is sometimes Europcar. Even Hertz – which is typically more expensive – has sometimes been either the lowest priced or the best value overall. Go figure…

2. You can choose your car from the lot

Like Jeanne, I have elite level status with National Rental car; and I believe that they are the very best company with regards to choosing any car you like from the designated Emerald Aisle section on the lot. Other times at other rental car companies, I'm usually pleased with the vehicle that's allotted to me.

3. You can check in on the kiosk

“Rental car companies = long lines”, Jeanne wrote. “And I've status with National, but I can't justify the cost of their rentals to skip the lines.”

I have to confess a disclaimer: I personally use a company code whenever I rent from National Rental car – company, I have permission to make use of that code in the company for whom I've been contracted to complete work over the years – so my rates are usually as good as other rental car companies. However, for various reasons – for example no facility in a destination where I need a rental car, for instance – I haven't rented vehicles with National Car Rental as frequently as I've in the past; although I do get one upcoming rental reservation.

As for skipping lines, I have rented from a number of car rental companies in recent years; and that i honestly cannot can remember the before I waited in line.

That isn't to state that kiosks are useless. I believe they're a great idea. I personally use kiosks whenever possible for flights operated by Delta Air Lines. They're fast and simple to use, with virtually no line. I just have not found myself inside a line at a rental car facility in recent years. Perhaps I have been fortunate.

4. Gas costs are a lot cheaper

“I don't be concerned about bringing a car to Alamo with not enough gas in it. There is no significant up-charge to it.”

That is a great feature; but I guess that I've been so conditioned over the years to fill the car before returning it towards the facility which i do not think about this anymore – I simply do it. I have rarely needed to walk out my method to visit a service station for fuel; so when I actually do visit one, the gasoline is generally for less money per gallon than most of its competitors.

Losing a Customer: Could it be Well worth It?

Although Jeanne finds their customer support has been “really easy to work with,” these poor customer experience from years ago has kept me from returning – meaning that I haven't rented an automobile from Alamo Rent a Car in years.

Was it truly worth it for them to possess lost me as a customer over something they ought to have honored? Who knows the number of thousands of dollars in business they have lost from me alone? There are times where employees of companies really should offer better service to their clients – especially when it calls for reneging on a deal, which can erode trust.

Although it had been an error, I won't forget when Thrifty Car Rental offered its customers a totally free rental car day – simply to revoke it without a penny a lot more than an apology:

I won't mention the name Fuddrucker's, but there is a fast-food restaurant chain which committed a similar error just a few days ago, proclaiming a special offer at two locations in Nebraska – and i'm located in Georgia. That anonymous restaurant chain then sent a follow-up e-mail message in my experience saying that that offer was only great for those residents in Nebraska which was sent to me in error – not too the offer was anything great anyway.

I promptly removed myself using their e-mail list consequently, because they lost me like a customer – and I will most likely do the same goes with Thrifty Car Rental even though I have not been a customer for a long time. Companies have to be more careful regarding their e-mail communications using their customers and become more diligent about preventing such boneheaded mistakes from happening in the first place as a result of their “eagerness.” Mistakes happen, sure – but to transmit out an e-mail message like the one above in error after which not at least offer the customer an expression of excellent will other than “sorry” is just plain wrong.

In addition to Thrifty Rental car and Alamo Rent a Car, I additionally no longer rent from Enterprise Rent A Car as a result of this insurance policy pertaining to returning an automobile after hours, which require me to pay an additional day to book a car that we only required for one day. Management wouldn't budge. Fine. They don't need me as a customer anyway.

By the way in which – before anyone points this out to me – yes, I know that for all intents and purposes, you will find basically only three rental car companies in the Netherlands; and that Enterprise, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car are all part of the same company, as I reported back on Saturday, March 31, 2007…

Then again, it certainly does not hurt that all three rental car companies are owned by the same company known as Enterprise Holdings – therefore the only question I have about this “alliance” is why it wasn't launched sooner.

Did you know that there are only three major car rental companies serving the Netherlands after Hertz Global Holdings acquired Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group this year? Perhaps Hertz Global Holdings and Avis Budget Group should stick to the lead of Enterprise Holdings and form their very own “alliances” between the rental car companies within their respective portfolios – however i digress.

…however i have lots of rental car companies from which to choose – so I am fine.


To reiterate, I am not blasting Jeanne or criticizing her opinion; rather, I am simply relating my experiences, that are different than hers…

…and it is all of us having different experiences and opinions which keep the world interesting.

By the way in which, Jeanne and that i come with an agreement in place where we intend to be “guest bloggers” at each others' weblogs. I really look forward to that, as that needs to be very worthwhile!

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