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Exactly why is One Weekly Car Rental $128.84 More Than Another With Identical Criteria?

Why is One Weekly Rental car $128.84 A lot more than Another With Exact Same Criteria?

This is really a tale of two car rental facilities of the same brand that are only approximately 21 miles from one another. One facility quotes an interest rate of $232.89; as the other quotes a rate of $104.05. Other than the truth that the car rentals are at different facilities, both car rentals would be for one week, using the exact same criteria – including although not limited to times and dates of the rental; class of vehicle to be rented; and discounts applied. Both car rental facilities are local – meaning that neither location is near a significant airport.

Why is a Weekly Rental car $128.84 More Than The Other With Exact Same Criteria?

I had my thoughts on why hiring a car in one location was greater than double the amount price of renting a car in the other location. For example, perhaps availability of vehicles was much more scarce in the more costly location.

Still, I wanted to find out personally – so I called the car rental facility providing the more costly rate and asked why an automobile rental with the exact same criteria would cost $128.84 more than in the location 21 miles away.

“Well, it all has to do with the required taxes, which are different in different cities,” she told me.

“So you mean that your rates are more than double because of taxes?” Gurus.

Before I called, I'd already checked the taxes and fees of both car rentals – not too her response made sense anyway. Taxes at the more expensive location were $22.12; while taxes in the more affordable location were $10.00, Both locations charged the same vehicle licensing recovery fee of $10.50 as well as an energy surcharge of $1.49.

Energy surcharge? For any car rental? Last I remember, gasoline may be the energy which powers most rental vehicles – and the renter usually pays for that. Did I just discover the equivalent to the accommodation fee and carrier-imposed fee of car rentals?!?

Anyway, the taxes accounted for a positive change of $12.12. How about the other $116.72?

“Each location charges different taxes, store taxes – things like that.”

Store taxes? What exactly are store taxes?!?

“I was hoping to obtain a similar rate at your place to the main one in the other location,” I said.

“Well, you have to check online every day as prices change,” she replied. “It might have to go up; it may go down.”

That last response might be true – inconvenient; but true.

“Rates usually increase throughout the holidays,” she said.

That may be true – except the rental period was not throughout a holiday; which response in no way explained the discrepancy in rates between the two locations.

“…so there is nothing that you can do for me personally in lowering the speed?”

“Well, if that's how you wish to place it.”

“No, I'm asking – can there be whatever you can do about this rate?”

“Is there another thing I'm able to assist you with, sir?”

I stuck.

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