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Any Porsche You Want When you Want for $100 Per Day – But…

Any Porsche You Want Any Time You Want for $100 Per Day – But…

Imagine having the ability to select a Panamera to go to a corporate meeting – only to choose to switch out to a Boxster for the date tonight along with a 911 Carrera for your journey tomorrow, practically flying down that open highway…

…and not only do you execute your choices through your portable electronic device; but each vehicle is cleaned with a personal concierge and delivered to you at home or at work – swapped out with the vehicle you have now, using the items in the present vehicle used in the new vehicle.

Any Porsche You would like When you Want for $100 Per Day – But…

Porsche Cars The united states, Incorporated comes with an interesting program called Porsche Passport, through which you can have the number of the most recent types of Porsche cars for one monthly fee, including everything except fuel – from comprehensive insurance of 1 million dollars for liability to maintenance and repairs to full detail washes to roadside assistance…

…but because the headquarters of Porsche Cars The united states, Incorporated is located in Atlanta, it is only currently available in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

Simply use the official mobile software program of Porsche Passport to select the vehicle you want to have delivered to your house or office. You can switch vehicles as frequently as you desire; and each vehicle includes unlimited mileage.

You have two membership plans from which to choose:

  • Launch gives you access to four different models of Porsche vehicles for $2,000.00 per month; or as low as $64.52 per day
  • Accelerate provides you with access to seven different models of Porsche vehicles for $3,000.00 monthly; or as little as $96.78 per day

Disadvantages to Porsche Passport

Aside from the cost monthly with this program – which would understandably be from the cost range for many people – both membership plans need a one-time activation fee of $500.00, and you are necessary to commit to either membership plan for no less than 31 days.

The insurance includes a deductible of $1,000.00 – and therefore if anything happens, you are responsible for make payment on first $1,000.00 on any claim.

Of course, not everyone will be approved for that Porsche Passport program.

Source: Porsche Cars The united states, Incorporated.

The service area is the most significant limitation, as Porsche Passport is only available in a precise part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

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