Polaberry: Visit the Most Instagrammable Café in Amsterdam

Located in the very trendy Jordaan district from the Netherlands, Polaberry lies on the corner of Reestraat and Prinsengracht (exact address Prinsengracht 232 H, 1016 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands) and ever since its opening in 2020, the café has since be a go-to location for sweet lovers and Instagrammers alike. In the end, the ever-so-pretty desserts sold here include ice cream, ‘unicorn strawberries’ and ‘Amsterdam-inspired chocolate bars’.

What’s the Polaberry shop like?

Wander in at a moment, and you can expect to find sumptuous strawberries dipped in premium Belgian chocolate, sweet as anything cake pops, and even some vegan sweets behind the countertop. Overlooked by a neon pink sign declaring that this is ‘Polaberry,’ turn around and you’ll soon visit a polaroid wall adorned with snaps of famous Instagrammers who've frequented the café.

At the back, there’s a little ‘flower wall’ (though this is a wall adorned with a number of different fake flowers as opposed to the fluffy covered in flower wall that’s been made so famous by Social networking) having a wicker chair. In the centre from the shop, on each side, you will find small countertops and shelves selling Polaberry merchandise; think postcards, phone cases, along with other similar accessories.

Outside, the store front is decorated in another flower wall, while there’s just a little bench for 2 people where you can take a seat watching the planet go by within this picture perfect district of Amsterdam. In addition to desserts, Polaberry also serves and sells speciality coffees like lattés, hot chocolates, and chai teas.

From the web site, you may also order gifts like ‘strawberry bouquets,’ cakes, and stunning chocolate bars depicting such things as the Gingerbread houses of Amsterdam. As you may expect of handcrafted desserts, prices could be a little on the expensive side, having a box of 9 strawberries coming in at EUR19, while a single cake pop costs EUR4. Though I definitely enjoyed my sweets from Polaberry, they were indeed very sugary!

History of Polaberry Café in Amsterdam

Opened in 2020, Polaberry is the brainchild of Instagrammer @Polabur (complete name Polina Burashnikova) who regularly features stunning snaps of her now hometown of Amsterdam, as well as other iconic and equally stunning destinations from Europe and beyond.

How to go to Polaberry, the most Insta-worthy café in Amsterdam

Thanks to its location in the centre from the Jordaan, it couldn’t be simpler to visit Polaberry. Open every single day each week (Monday through to Sunday) from 11 AM to 6 PM, you should observe that as numerous situations are baked and created fresh on the day, not every one of the sweets and treats can be found all the time. For example, when I visited, I had to return at a later time to really buy a cake pop!

Things to complete near to Polaberry

Explore the hofjes of Amsterdam: Once upon a time, there have been dozens upon a large number of secret courtyards and little enclaves where those most in need of assistance would live. Today, only a number of the ‘hofjes’ remain, predominantly within the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.

Rosa Overbeek Bridge: One of the prettiest photo spots in Amsterdam has got to be the Rosa Overbeek bridge. Spanning a stunning canal and overlooked my picture perfect canalside houses, it doesn’t get a lot more iconic than this!

Houseboat Museum: Research for things you can do in Amsterdam for just about any length of time, and you’ll soon discover that the city has no shortage of fun and quirky museums. Within the Venice of the North, there are around 2,500 houseboats, and the Houseboat Museum is devoted to showing visitors what it’s prefer to live in one of these simple unusual abodes!

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