Amsterdam Bucket List: How to proceed in Venice of the North

Late this afternoon, I’ll get to Amsterdam for the first time since I would be a young teenager. By a teenager, I am talking about 13. Although I love Paris and, more to the point, surviving in Paris, I’m excited to get away for the weekend to understand more about another European capital and appearance off everything from my Amsterdam Bucket list! Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?!

  • Amsterdam may be the capital of the Kingdom from the Netherlands.
  • It is about 166 square miles.
  • The name ‘Amsterdam’ derives from ‘Amstelredamme’, meaning ‘dam within the river Amstel’.
  • During the 17th century, the town was the leading trader in diamonds and finance.
  • The Stock exchange located in the city centre may be the oldest on the planet.
  • Amsterdam is home to more nationalities than any other city in the World!
  • Amsterdam inhabitants are the second biggest consumers of coffee in the World. An average person consumes 3.2 cups a day; woah.

Here’s my Amsterdam bucket list; let’s see how many things I can tick off!


  1. Visit the Rijksmuseum

This has to be the top of my bucket list. I love museums where better to see old master paintings than in the Netherlands itself?!


2. Visit the Giant I Amsterdam sign

I think everybody in the world has seen that sign. Now, it’s my turn to get a picture because of it. Maybe by the ‘S’?


3. Go Clubbing

I’m likely to be Amsterdam. Of course I’m going clubbing in a city famed because of its wild nightlife.


4. Go to the Van Gogh Museum

Home to Van Gogh’s self portrait and that famous ‘Sunflowers’ painting, I’m excited to see the paintings within the flesh; there’s something about seeing something legitimate the screen can’t quite capture.


5. Go to the Anne Frank House


6. Visit the Fault within our Stars bench.

I love it. I really like the film. I’m sorry to become this type of fan girl but I am definitely going to go and obtain an image with the bench!



7. Play giant chess

I love chess. Recently i spoke about my passion for chess within my post highlighting the Lewis Chessmen in the British Museum!

You know what I love more than playing chess? Playing chess in giant format.


8. Go to the flower market

Every time I believe of the Netherlands, I envision fields of pretty tulips swaying in the breeze within picturesque postcard worthy


9. Rent a bike

Oh gosh, I’m awful at cycling. My arms will vary lengths and my coordination isn’t much better. But I’ll give it a go.


10. Refreshments inside a park.

I don’t care that it’s October. I'll sit inside a park and consume a lovely picnic + frozen treats.


11. Eat waffles and drink beer


12. To you.

Got any suggestions of things I should do/ see in Amsterdam? Almost anything to increase the Amsterdam Bucket List? Leave a comment below!

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