10 Beautiful and Useful Dutch Phrases and words!

Tomorrow morning, I set off to Amsterdam for that weekend. I haven’t been to the Netherlands since i have was 13 and thus it’s definitely time for you to improve on some dutch! If you need to improve on some Dutch too, listed here are 10 beautiful and useful dutch words and phrases:

#1 Hallo


This is obviously a good option to begin! How can you greet someone without knowing how you can say hello?!

#2 Bedankt


Although less formal than ‘dank u wel’, it is most surely simpler to remember.

#3 Sorry


Yep, simple as that. Phew, being English this really is one of my favourite words; thank goodness it will likely be memorable!

#4 Alstublieft


I literally hate so much on people who don’t say please. It’s just basic manners and manners cost nothing.

#5 Eekhoorntjesbrood

Porcini mushrooms (literal translation Squirrel’s Bread)

I’m not sure how useful this word will be but I simply couldn’t resist putting this beautifully funny word in! After doing a little research, it appears that squirrels genuinely do eat mushrooms (who knew)?

#6 Pardon

Pardon/ excuse me

Okay, being polite and speaking some Dutch is going to go well (I hope). With many from the words being similar or the same as in English, I really hope I can remember them all well enough!

#7 Ijsje

Ice Cream

It may be October but I’m still thinking about being a complete tourist and buying an ice cream!

#8 Ik ben vegetari”er.

I’m vegetarian.

Considering I’m vegetarian, understanding how to say ‘I’m vegetarian’ from our language has helped me in lots of countries (obviously).

#9 Fiets


Honestly, cycling scares me a little. I’m incredibly uncoordinated and everytime I attempt cycling, I wind up falling the bike!

But much more Rome, do as the Romans do, right?

#10 Your Turn

Got any beautiful or useful Dutch phrases or words?

P.s. Tip

Watch out for false friend, the term ‘deutsch’. No, the German word isn't symbolic of Dutch but usually means ‘German’. Confusing, eh?

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