Bread & Delicious: A Limburg Bakery in Maastricht

Bread & Delicious is really a cafe serving everything Dutch and delicious within the most southerly city in the Netherlands, Maastricht. Situated to the North from the city, not far from the train station and in the Wyck-Céramique district, this bakery and patisserie offer shop offers a selection of savoury and sweet dishes to look after everyone.

Bread & Delicious Address | Stationsstraat 23, 6221 BN Maastricht

Bread and Delicious: A beautiful bakery in the heart of Maastricht

Wooden tables are available side by side inside a brightly lit interior. While the decor is French-inspired, the vibe is friendly and warm: two absolute musts when it comes to an espresso shop! WiFi is free and speedy, along with a sign up our table lets us know when we make use of the store’s hashtag on social media, then we’ll get a free coffee/ tea with a cake buy the the next time we’re in the store.

It’s little touches like this which always cause me to feel consider returning to a location. That, and the excellence of the food and occasional available, obviously! Once seated, it’s easy to begin to see the full range of merchandise within the bakery. Glass counters are full of all manner of pastries, sandwiches, and patisserie items.

Behind, row upon row of freshly baked bread grace the wooden shelves (sourdough is a particular speciality). The boulangerie first opened its doors in the summertime of 2009 by two friends, K and everything has been handmade ever since.

Savoury dishes & Pastries at Bread & Delicious

During our time at Bread & Delicious, we sampled several of the sandwiches on offer, as well as the quiche (the pastry from the quiche was lighter than you would usually find back home in England) and I recommend sampling some for yourself!

For those people who are searching for something some extra, it’s easy to order a high tea (cakes, teas, small sandwiches, the full works!) Honestly, the best part about Bread and Delicious may be the amount of sweets on offer. All of the sweets were reasonably priced and it’s also here where you’ll get the best macarons in Maastricht obtainable in nine different flavours.

Vlaai: A conventional Dutch speciality

The most famous food to come from Maastricht is Vlaai. This pie which is created from pastry and filling is a regional speciality of the tri-country area and ranks among a number of Bread & Delicious’ best-selling products. Originally beginning in Germany, the Dutch version was created within the capital of scotland- Weert and this foodstuff is now a must-sample while you’re in Maastricht!

Nearby Attractions to Bread and Delicious

Bookstore Dominicanen: The beautifully appointed former Dominican church is now one of the most beautiful bookshops within the Netherlands. All high vaulted ceilings housing row upon row of books, be sure to arrive earlier in the day as the place can get pretty busy pretty quickly!

Red Tower of Sint Janskerk: One of the most unusual options that come with the Maastricht skyline may be the red church tower of Sint-Janskerk. And, just for EUR2.50 it's possible to climb the 281 spiralling steps from the narrow tower and ascend onto the red roof. Reach the top, and you’ll be rewarded with one of the most effective views in Maastricht.

We visited Bread and Delicious thanks to Maastricht Marketing. However, all opinions, words, and photos remain my own.

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