What's On? Your Go-to Guide for Paris in October

Ah Paree: the town of Love, the town of Light, and something of the best places to see the fall foliage in Europe. Well, that is, if you’re likely to visit Paris in October, obviously! Here’s your best guide towards the French capital in the early autumn; getting a great look, where to go, and all that you just must see (as well as the top events happening in Paris during October)!

Is October a good month to go to Paris?

If you’re keen on fall in Europe, then a visit to the French capital during this time of the season is an absolute must. In the end, the autumn foliage is better during October in Paris, meaning plenty of pretty photo opportunities and a lot of excuses to cosy in quaint cafés or take yourself on strolls around otherwise forgotten museums.

With this being said, if you’re a fan of long days, summer clothing, and the sunshine, then October is not the month you should be remaining in the town of affection! Instead, choose to plan your visit for early September or late May once the crowds are fewer than in the summertime but the weather conditions are actually warm!

Paris in October weather

Shorter days, frequent cloud cover, and cooler weather would be the only two guarantees with regards to the weather in Paris in the early autumn. Average climate is around 12 degrees Celsius… But don’t let that deter you! In the end, this really is among the European shoulder seasons, meaning fewer crowds and far lower prices than in the summer months.

What to wear in Paris in October

With the wintertime coming comes a guarantee of ever-changing weather and that in-between summer dresses and winter jackets phase. As such, should you plan on visiting Paris within the fall, I suggest packing lots of layers. In other words, jackets, cardigans, paired with shorter sleeves. As the air is crisp outside, museum spaces and the Paris metro can get pretty toasty!

I personally love this company's ones and layer all of them with cute jackets and sneakers worn along with little ankle boots work like these ones well within this type of weather. Make sure to also take along a pair of waterproof boots along with a light rain jacket. Though Paris might be pretty when the leaves begin to change, wind speeds can select up rapidly and light showers during the day aren't unheard of.

Though you’ll soon discover that many people you meet have a fantastic degree of English, it’s only polite to learn a few words of the local language, in this case, French. Bring along an easy phrasebook like this one to obtain by. I also recommend taking along a travel adapter like this one so that you can charge all of your electronics during your stay!

What to complete in Paris in October

Visit one of the less-known museums of the city

Everyone has heard of the Hireling shepherd within the Louvre as well as the clock in Musée d’Orsay. But are you aware that you can see among the finest Italian art collections in the Musée Jacquemart André? Or that you could visit the most Instagrammable staircase in Paris by means of Musée Gustave Moreau? Want more information? Check out my help guide to the best secret and small museums in Paris.

Vendanges de Montmartre (Montmartre wine harvest)

Every year, a wine festival and bottle auction is locked in Le Clos Montmartre (i.e. the best vineyard in Paris!) This season, the fête is going to be taking place between your 10th and 14th of October. As a result, be sure to head to the 18th arrondissement to savor the wine festival and obtain the rare chance to enter within the vineyard for yourself! In 2020, the Féte des Vendanges will be taking place from Wednesday 9th – Sunday 13th October 2020. Check for full wine harvest details here.

Explore the city on your own

Now that the crowds are fewer, this is actually the perfect time for you to do it yourself and obtain to understand the city on the local level… All by yourself! So clean up your day bag, grab your camera and go out to 1 from the lesser-known corners of the French capital. In the end, it’s in these moments which Paris truly reveals itself to you… For additional solo inspiration in Paris, take a look at my solo traveller’s guide to Paris.

Search for fall foliage

From the parks of Paris to the creepers growing up the buildings along the wide boulevards, you will find pretty autumn leaves and fall tones to be spied around virtually every corner. So grab the digital camera and go out with an adventure to see the very best autumn leaves in the French capital! Helpful hint: I particularly love the autumn foliage in Canal Saint-Martin around this time of the year, along with the ever-beautiful Place des Vosges.

Stay up all night at the Nuit Blanche

Another annual tradition during Paris in October is the ‘Nuit Blanche’. Literally translated as the ‘white night,’ on the 5th October literally countless Parisian attractions, museums, and cultural centres will remain open all night.

On this night, there will also be other installations for you to enjoy. Four landmarks/ areas of the city (^Ile Saint Louis, La Villette, La Porte Dorée, and Invalides) will all have open-air displays to savor and will be known as ‘constellations’ on the night.

Marvel at some art in the International Contemporary Art Fair

Known as ‘FIAC’ for short, the 46th version of the art fair will be held at the Grand Palais in the 17th of October until the 20th 0f October 2020. Featuring all kinds of installations, modern art pieces, and contemporary design throughout the world, this is a can’t-be-missed for all fans of art exhibitions.

Enjoy Halloween at Disneyland Paris

If you’re a fan of everything costume-related and dressing up for Halloween, you might well wish to head out on the ReR A and go ahead and take train to Disneyland Paris. After all, the entirety of the month of October is devoted to any or all things spooky in the land of fairytales. And, if you want to purchase your ticket in advance, then you can achieve this here!

Take a Seine River Cruise

Though it may be a little too chilly to savor a Parisian picnic along the River Seine come October time, that doesn’t mean that the famous French waterway doesn’t have lots more to provide. Whether you’re searching for a romantic experience, or else you only desire to see another side to Paris, consider embarking on a river tour on your time in the French capital. For any full break down of tours (as well as which cruise you need to personally choose), check out this guide to selecting the very best Seine River Cruise.

Salon du Chocolat

As its name suggests, this festival is dedicated to any or all individuals with a sweet tooth! From the 30th of October before the 3rd of November, the salon is definitely an annual trade fair comprising of some 500 participants from over 60 countries. As a result, you definitely shouldn’t miss this 20,000-metre squared exhibition space if you’re keen on all things chocolate! Discover more details about the Salon du Chocolat here.

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