A Foodie Guide to Montreal: Where you can Eat in Montreal

With a distinctively European flavour and boasting the most restaurants per resident in North America, if you’re in search of a culinary destination in Canada, you will want to look no further than the gorgeous city of Montreal. Located in the French-Canadian province of Quebec and easily explored during the period of an extended weekend, here’s your ultimate foodie help guide to Montreal and where to consume in Montreal.

Introducing Montreal, the Canadian city in Quebec having a European flavour

If you’re looking for an excellent escape from the hubbub of busy modern-day life around the New england of The united states, i quickly can’t recommend a visit to Montreal highly enough. Full of plenty of things you can do; there’s everything from an array of historical museums to plenty of great finds.

Best observed in the late Spring, Summer, or early Fall when the weather conditions are at its best and the entirety of the city are visible in all its glory with no crowds to complement, before visiting  I'd little idea in regards to what to expect when it comes to food offerings. However, I soon found Montreal to become a foodie city full of gastronomic delights, Michelin Star restaurants, and incredible food experiences!

Although you could explore the city on your own, if you’re wanting to get to know the town from a local’s perspective or else you just need some insider advice on where to find the very best of authentic Montreal cuisine, then you might consider booking a food tour like this one (which even includes 6 tastings!).

LOV, 464 McGill St, Montreal, QC H2Y 2H2, Canada

Visit for: Affordable dishes, delicious vegan food, yummy cocktails, along with a pretty ‘Instragrammable’ interior. 

During our visit to Montreal, hands down one of our favourite places to eat was those of LOV. Now a chain with several locations dotted over the city, this Quebec restaurant serves a variety of meat-free fare at fair prices. Think melt in your mouth risottos, scrumptious salads, and cheese-free mac ‘n cheese. I also particularly recommend tasting a minumum of one of the home cocktails because they were among the best we enjoyed during Montréal!

Café Vasco Da Gama, 1472 Peel St, Montreal, QC H3A 1S8, Canada

Visit for: A European-inspired café interior, a wide salad and sandwich selection, outdoor seating close to McGill University, well-priced lunch options, delicious coffee.

For a unique café close to McGill where lunch is a number of options and also the coffee is perfectly drinkable and delicious, I suggest going to the Portuguese café of Café Vasco Da Gama. All tiled interior and Mediterranean-inspired foodstuffs, choose your tiny table and go to the counter to order your ideal lunch! The café also serves the best Pastel de nata pastries in Montréal!

l’Avenue Resto, 922 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, QC H2J 1X1, Canada

Visit for: Unlimited coffee refills, hearty brunches, delicious platters, weekday brunches in Montreal!

One of the best places to enjoy brunches mid-week in Montreal is l’Avenue, a cute and vibrant brunch destination in Plateau Mont-Royal, a Montreal district having a plethora of quirky bookshops and vintage shopping experiences.

Easily our favourite eateries in Montreal during our stay, the brunch destination has eggs done every possible way, in addition to scrumptious pancakes, waffles, and traditional cooked breakfasts. You should know before you go the queue is usually across the street (even mid-week) and so you may need to wait to secure a table, especially if you’re visiting included in a larger group. Otherwise, the decor is fun and quirky, even in the toilets!

Discover the Bagel bars of St- Viateur, 263 Rue Saint Viateur O, Montréal, QC H2V 1Y1, Canada & Fairmount Bagel, 74 Avenue Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M2, Canada

Visit for: The best bagels in Montreal! Purchase one bagel from each store and find out on your own which you prefer…

Though you’ll undoubtedly realize that there’s some rivalry when it comes to whether bakers in Montréal or Nyc produce the best bagels, what you may not know is that there’s some competition within the Quebec city itself!

After all, two bagel shops are constantly vying for the title from the ‘best bagel in Montreal’. Located just a couple of blocks in one another as well as in operation for decades, the standard bagel to purchase from both shops is a sesame bagel still piping hot in the oven. Top your bagel with cream cheese for the most delicious experience!

Drogheria Fine, 68 Avenue Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M2, Canada

Visit for: A distinctive foodie Montreal experience, inexpensive lunch option, and of course, fresh pasta to-go!

Delicious and authentic gnocchi is served straight from a certain window along Avenue Fairmount. Drogheria Fine has been around operation for around a decade, and just what makes this foodie venue so unique is that there’s just one item on the menu, and therefore choosing things to eat isn't a problem!

Traditional potato gnocchi served inside a rich tomato sauce is on offer for just $5 per takeaway box. Well-reviewed and oh-so-tasty, just know prior to you heading towards the takeout shop on Avenue Fairmount that the place is popular and you may often be waiting a good while prior to being served- especially on weekends! If you’re looking for the best self-guided Montreal food out, why don't you buy the pasta and then head to Kem CoBa after enjoying your savoury dish?

Kem CoBa frozen treats, 60 Avenue Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M2, Canada

Visit for: Quirky flavours, delicious sweets, and some of the greatest frozen treats in Montreal!

For the most delicious ice cream in town, you simply must head to Kem CoBa, a bright and vibrant frozen treats shop in the Mile End district serving a selection of soft serve and sorbets. Every week, a brand new flavour is available; a mix of sorbet and soft-serve ice cream sold in either a cup or a cone (as you want). Take your sweet to visit and go to the nearby benches, or alternatively seek out the best street art in the city along the streets surrounding Rue Saint-Laurent.

Poutineville, 5145 Park Ave, Montreal, QC H2V 4G3, Canada

Visit for: The chance to sample some Poutine, create your own dinner, affordable dishes at varying prices.

Of course, you can’t visit Montreal and lose out on the opportunity to sample one of the most famous (and deliciously unhealthy) dishes to have emerged from Quebec: those of Poutine. The dish is actually chips or french fries topped in cheese curds and smothered in gravy!

Though it appears less than appetising, I suggest not knocking it until you’ve tried it. Indeed, becoming an adult we would visit my Grandma in the North of Canada every few years, and one from the highlights was always heading to the local ‘cantine’ to buy our own part of Poutine.

Poutineville is a restaurant chain set across several locations around Montreal. But why is Poutinevilles so different is it will take your Poutine food experience to some whole new level. While you will find set menu items, indeed probably the most fun part of this dining experience is filling out the little form (in French or English) and designing your very own foodie experience.

From what types of cheese to select from to extra toppings, and even speciality sauces, head here and also you won’t be disappointed. Please note that although the sauces aren’t vegetarian or vegan, you may still go and order fries without cheese/ sauce and extra toppings instead!

Lola Rosa Café, 545 Milton St, Montreal, QC H2X 1W5, Canada

Visit for: Cosy and relaxed casual dining, lots of vegan and vegetarian options, the opportunity to sample vegan Poutine, gluten-free options, well-located close to most of the top tourist attractions.

Of course, even if you’re veggie, you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity to try Poutine during any visit to Montreal! Luckily, it’s perfectly possible to buy vegan Poutine in Montreal at a number of different restaurants. However, our favourite (given that additionally they serve some delicious cocktails) was the Lola Rosa Café. The Vegan Poutine here is chips served with vegan cheese and mushroom gravy, though there are also plenty of other veggie options on the menu!

Jean-Talon Market

Visit for: Best Montreal public market, local produce, quality foodstuffs, excellent prices!

Located within the Little Italy district and around a twenty-minute metro ride from downtown Montreal, the Jean-Talon Marketplace is easily the best place to find fresh produce and locally sourced foodie finds within the city. Featuring many fruit stalls, takeaway dishes, and food from around the globe, the market is open every day from 7 AM to six PM.

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