Barcelona to Figueres: A Dali-Inspired Day Trip

For those who are fans of all things unusual, quirky, and downright weird with regards to artworks, a vacation to the town of Figueres from Barcelona is definitely an absolute must. Easily one of the top excursions in the Catalonian Capital among people to the location, once in Figueres you’ll soon become enthralled by the charm from the town, not to mention the cultural attractions and many cafés of the fairly sleepy settlement. Here’s your ultimate guide on going for a day trip from Barcelona to Figueres, including insider tips and the best tours to the area!

Introducing Figueres: The Spanish birthplace of Dalí

Situated just half an hour from the Spanish border with France, Figueres features its own distinctly unique vibe. In the end, though the birthplace of Dalí continues to be technically situated in Spain, I soon found the weather (along with other nuanced details) to become entirely different from those of other nearby destinations, like the Catalonian capital of Barcelona.

Figueres itself is nestled within the foothills of the Pyrenées mountains, an impressive landscape which has long been related to fantastic castles, and of course, as being Cathar Country. Easily explored over the course of a day or two (more with that later), you can’t fail by dedicating a minimum of a day or two to exploring all that this small capital of scotland- just below 50,000 residents has to offer.

Top things to see and do in Figueres

Teatro Museo Dalí: Without doubt, the number one move to make in Figueres may be the Dalí Theatre-Museum. Situated close to the church and in the very heart of the old town, in which the maze of cobbled lanes and little brasseries are largely pedestrianised, this complex of buildings is sure to surprise and amaze you in equal measure. If you’re not taking a guided tour to Figueres, then be sure to book your tickets ahead of time (detailed information here) as the queues to buy entrance tickets can soon become hours long!

Sant Ferran Castle: Presiding high that beats all others of the town (ready which once limited the way in which Figueres could expand), Sant Ferran Castle is among the best-preserved 18th-century forts within the entirety of Europe. And also at an expense of just EUR3,50 to go in (as well as less for all those with concessions), the caliber of the experience is well worth the nominal fee!

Museu del Joguet de Catalunya: One of the more whimsical things to do in Figueres during your visit to the city will be a trip inside the toy museum. A visit down memory lane for many, this fantastic cultural space boasts a assortment of over 4000 pieces, with a few toys dating dating back to 3000 BCE!

Església de Sant Pere: Probably the most beautiful Romanesque churches I’ve been lucky enough to get see on my travels can be found in Figueres, by means of Saint Peter. Situated steps from the Dalí Theatre-Museum, this church goes back to the 14th-century, though its roots date back several centuries prior.

Explore the attractions from the town on a self-guided walking tour: If you’re looking to enjoy the best of Figueres, then my free walking tour will highlight all the main attractions the city provides over the course of a couple of hours. See the full walking itinerary here.

How far is Figueres from Barcelona? How you can travel from Barcelona to Figueres

Since Figueres is a touch bit further away from Barcelona than some of the other excursions you can originate from the city, I recommend visiting for one of three reasons; firstly, if you’re an art lover along with a fan of Dalí, this is an absolute must, next, if you’re en route to elsewhere (i.e. in to the Pyrenées) a stop here is sensible, and finally, if you like slow travel like myself, then be sure to book an overnight remain in the town!

To visit the town as a excursion to Barcelona, you’ll have to put aside an entire day's your trip. The train journey takes just shy of two hours each way, and also the price of a ticket is under EUR10 each way. You can check ticket prices, times, and book them in advance here.

For those who love independent travel to see the attractions of a city in their own pace, going for a self-guided excursion from Barcelona is the greatest option. This way, you may enjoy all the Figueres attractions at your own pace, not to mention the fact that you can return later or earlier for the way much you wish to see!

Figueres day tours, trips & excursions from Barcelona

Of course, if you’re searching for a stress-free method to benefit from the Dalí Theatre-Museum like a excursion from Barcelona, a guided excursion or excursion from the city is an absolute must. For all those looking to see the better of Figueres in a single day, there are several tours and options available;

From Barcelona: Girona, Figueres and Dalí Museum Day Tour

If you wish to see both Girona and Figueres, along with the Dalí Museum, this tour from Barcelona packs plenty in to the 11-hour excursion. In addition to a trip to the medieval town of Girona (where a number of Game of Thrones was filmed), this excursion features a guided walking tour of Girona, as well as fast-track entrance in to the Dalí Museum. Check prices and availability here.

Girona and Figueres Full-Day Tour with Hotel Pick Up

For those who are looking to visit both Girona and Figueres as a day trip from Barcelona, then this guided tour includes expensive hotels pick up option. The tour can last for eight hours and includes highlights such as the historic sites of Girona, in addition to Figueres (i.e. the birthplace of Dalí). Groups are limited to 8, in order to boost the personalised experience. Please be aware that, unlike the above mentioned ticket, this ticket doesn't include entry in to the Dalí museum. Check prices and availability here.

From Barcelona: Figueres 5-Hour Dalí Museum Tour

If you’re short promptly, this half-day tour from Barcelona may well be the excursion for you personally. Unlike the above tours (that also visit Girona), this very day trip is concentrated solely on Figueres. Included in the visit is a guide, hotel get, high-speed train tickets, and admission to the Dalí Museum. Check prices and availability here.

Salvador Dalí Tour from Barcelona with Hotel Pick Up

If you’re seeking to visit a a bit more Dalí then simply Figueres, this tour from Barcelona is perfect for you. About this full-day trip, you’ll soon uncover the ‘golden triangle’ of Dalí. Included is really a visit to Figueres, a trip to the picturesque village of Cadaqués, and also the fishing community of Portlligat. Check prices and availability here.

Barcelona: Full-Day Costa Brava and Dalí Museum Tour

As well as a visit from Barcelona to Figueres, this tour in the Catalonian capital provides the chance to enjoy a few of the prettiest ports and fishing villages the Costa Brava provides. Happening over eleven hours, highlights of the excursion range from the medieval village of Pals, the quaint village of Calella de Palafrugell, not to mention, a trip to Figueres. Check prices and availability here

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